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    The latest issue of my district newletter insinuates that the RLA controversy is a done deal and that the courts have ruled that FedEx is "properly classified as an airline". Ummm...that's not what I've been hearing.

    Could it be that FedEx is trying to make employees think that everything is over, and that they need not bother themselves worrying about the RLA because it's already been "settled"? How helpful of them. Isn't this another example of more misrepresentation and just another LIE to add to the huge list they've already made?

    I wonder if they'll inform us when the RLA language eventually is inserted into the FAA Bill so we can stay informed and make proper decisions. Probably not.

    Instead, as they realize they are losing, we're going to hear more threats of "job loss", "layoffs", "downsizing", and "financial ruin" in order to try and scare people...which is ILLEGAL. Oh yes, and don't forget "disruption of commerce" and all of the similar terminology FedEx uses to try and obfuscate the issue. Is there an attorney in the house that specializes in labor law? I think you might be able to make yourself a nice settlement.
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    OT But I love this spin by FedEx

    "Competitive Wages
    We are very competitive with UPS on all fronts, including wage rates. Our express driver pay compares favorably with what they pay their air drivers. As a matter of fact, we pay our express drivers more on an average, *starting pay and maximum pay basis* than UPS. In addition, we provide our express drivers with a full time opportunity whereas UPS mostly hires part-time air drivers. New part-time UPS drivers wait one year for benefits while new FedEx Express workers wait only three months."



    (picture the spinning cones that swirl around and hypnotize..) Fred is good, Fred is all knowing, Fred is good, Fred loves you, grab your ankles, oh crap, who put that in there? who cares it's funny AND true, Fred loves you, Teamsters bad...

    I know I'm not the only one that hears this all day long...
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    I wonder if Oberstar and the other supporters of this change in classification in the Senate and the House know that FedEx has already declared victory on this issue? Maybe it's a good idea for us to let them know?


    One of us "unionizers" found this...too true, too true!!

    FedEx Manager Commandments

    1. We are always right ! Try to prove us wrong is futile because only we are allowed to use excuses
    2. We walk on water God and Jesus are beneath us..
    3. We can do Whatever-Whenever we want ! Falsifiaction, not be checked by security,take company trucks out to go get lunch,run personal errands on company time, and a whole lot of other **** they have to catch us doing.. And by some slim chance they catch us and bring it to the higher ups well the powers that be just take our word over theirs anyway so no worries
    4. We do not have to acknowledge you, for we are FedEx managers now don’t look at us and move along if we talk to you its a privilege and an honor so cherish it
    5. We can lie and get away with it
    6. Keep the employee as stupid as possible at all times
    7. If the Employee gets too smart and catches on we shall squish them like the bug that they are.. By making their existence on the job as miserable as possible till they quit or mess up enough for us to fire them..
    8. Only FedEx Managers can sleep with employees and other managers in the station
    9. We can harass and intimidate any employee we do not like, don’t worry FedEx corporate has our back
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    As a matter of fact, we pay our express drivers more on an average, *starting pay and maximum pay basis* than UPS. In addition, we provide our express drivers with a full time opportunity whereas UPS mostly hires part-time air drivers. New part-time UPS drivers wait one year for benefits while new FedEx Express workers wait only three months."

    UPS uses very few air drivers who can only deliver air packages, hence the title. If they deliver ground packages they get full-time top pay for all their driving time.
  7. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Yes I realize that.

    The point was, it is complete spin because the UPS air driver, over a 20 year period, makes far more money than a FedEx Express part-time driver. So yes the FedEx driver may start at $2/hr more, and may top out in 25 years $2/hr more (as of 2009), but that is where it ends. The UPS driver makes far more money in that period.
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    The next thing that Fed-Ex will be trying to hold over the Express drivers is that fancy electric fan vent above the drivers head. Then if that doesnt work they will threaten to take your shorts away from you and make you wear pants. Watch out things will start to get scarry for you guys over there if this thing passes.
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    My only question is, when is this thing gonna get voted on? First they said at the end of summer. Next it was after the Labor Day break. Now, its who knows when? One of the things that I'm hearing is that they are having a difficult time coming to a consenses because of the vast amount of money that has been thrown at this issue by both sides. Wonder if Uncle Fred will ever come clean and let us know how much he's "donated." Rumor is that it's over $30 million already, but don't quote me.
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    The current extension on the FAA bill is supposed to expire September 30th from what I've read. The House and the Senate will have to meet through committee and come up with a compromised version of the bill since both versions differ and the bill is so large.
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    You have got to admit though that with Express volume declining at such an alarming rate and the fact that the current contractor model up to this point has been so successfull, that the contracting of Express volume is only a matter of time. Unless things change in regards to the RLA classification and with the Ground model I dont see bright horizons for the Express employees. I believe that first all full-timers will either be moved to part time or will be offered some sort of buy out. Beware though it will look good on the surface but will be Fred in Sheeps clothing. Hopefully you guys take hold of your power why you still have the opportunity.
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    The Ground model is the big unknown. Until Fred gets all of the legal issues out of the way, we'll never know what his plan is. I agree that we need to go union now and force Smith to the table. One negotiation point could be keeping Express and Ground separate. By the way, Smith claimed the 2 operations would never be combined (in any way) when he originally purchased RPS way back when. A liar then and a liar now because they are already partially combined.

    The bottom line is that we've seen what happens when Smith has unchecked power...he abuses it and takes advantage of his employees. He is a known commodity and needs to be dealt with as such.

    If FedEx loses on the RLA Smith will have even more incentive to try and shift the lower priority Express products over to Ground. I don't think he'd dare try until he knows the Ground model is "safe". Doing it, and then having Ground IC's declared "employees" by the courts would be disastrous.
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    Looks like Ground is still feeling the heat!
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    hmmm. IRS removed a $319 million assessment and came back with a $14 million assessment. Sounds like someone is fishing. Or maybe someone here can explain exactly why the IRS thinks they are owed this money in the first place and how they come up with such wildly differing sums? Ricochet, this might be one for you.
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    It still appears that the validity of the Ground model is in question nicht var?
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    Asking anyone to describe the rationale behind any action of the IRS is tantamount to asking for proof of the existance of God. I may be able to give a philosophical argument proving the existance of God, but at the end, we'd have both wasted our time. Same would go for the IRS. IRS does what the IRS wants for the most part.
  17. bbsam

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    quizas o no. Es verdad que las preguntas existir. But it does not appear that the use of contractors is in question, merely the validity of the contract. Courts have required and FedEx has complied with changes and seems they are willing to continue to co so.
  18. FedEx courier

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    "The audit is part of the long-running row over whether independent contractors for FedEx Ground Package System Inc., one of the company’s major units, should be classified as employees."

    It actually does appear that the use of "contractors" is in question.

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  20. bbsam

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    Again, you miss the point. What is in question is how the contract is written and enforced. Not whether the contractor model must be abandoned altogether. Fedex has been forced to amend the contract on several occasions as well as amend their management within that framework. So as far as Fedex is concerned, the question is whether or not the contract needs to be changed and to what degree.