DNS Changer malware - checking computers

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    Calling all loveable computer geeks!

    Please discuss / explain in words a blonde [like me] can understand:

    What is DNS Changer malware?

    Thank you
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    DNS stands for Domain Name Service, and basically its an internet service that converts web addresses into something the computer understands known as an IP address. An IP address can be something like and every website has one. Instead of having to enter all those numbers the DNS allows you to put into your computer Brown Cafe - UPS News for UPSers and it will take you to the brown cafe instead of having to remember the brown cafe's IP number.

    Now I am not for certain, but the malware you described could be a redirecting malware where you enter a web address and it takes you to a completely different website. Maybe the website is similar to what you intended on visiting or maybe its nothing like what you were looking for. Either way it hinders your web surfing by keeping you from the sites you would prefer to visit.