Do as I say, not as I do!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by over9five, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. over9five

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    Remember when the auto execs all flew their corporate jets to Washington to beg for money? Remember the outrage?

    Why then, is it OK for Obama to fly to Denver for the sole purpose of signing the Stimulus Bill? Couldn't he have done it in a Rose Garden ceremony saving the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars?

    Lead by example, Mr Obama!
  2. stevetheupsguy

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    We are one big happy, OBAMANATION!:wink2:
  3. wkmac

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    Hundreds of thousands? You gone cheapo on us Over! I'll bet when the whole thing was all said and done, add in Colorado and local Denver costs too, this thing was way more than a few hundred thousand.

    But then to be fair on excessive cost, what was the bill to fly Bush to an aircraft carrier to make a speech to the nation?

    It goes go both ways and both sides are equally guilty in their own over excessive fiscally irresponsive ways!

    Regardless, nice job pointing this out!
  4. stevetheupsguy

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    Au contraire,
    Your post fairly and objectively showed the folly of them both. Touche`!
  5. Jones

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  6. stevetheupsguy

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    Maybe I can prevent this from becoming one of those threads, with humor.:dissapointed:
  7. Jones

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    I wish you luck in your quest :wink2:
  8. Sammie

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    Obama 101...

    He came here because our Museum of Natural History has solar panels on it's roof, which provides about 3% of the building's power. :huh: And part of this stimulus provides tax credits for solar investments.

    O. had to visit my fair city and sign the Economic Slavery Bill because everyone knows there's not a solar panel to be found in Washington, D.C.

    I'm also wondering why he and family went to the trouble and expense
    of spending one night at Camp David already, after less than 60 days in office. Wow. One minute this country is on the verge of the worst disaster since the Great Depression and the next minute man, I'm beat to he** and need a vacation.

    This On The Job Training and dealing with the Repubs must be a bogger and his other recent vacations in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Chicago just weren't enough. And he needs the rest. Like he recently said, he's done more for this country in the past month than anyone else accomplished in a decade... :bow::bow::bow:

    He will make good use of AF1, Marine One, the perks, and the taxpayers $. This Kind Of Change has got to feel awfully fine; just never mind our troops who need updated equipment, or our recession, or the people losing jobs and homes every day.

    But on the plus side - - - this Stimulus Package is working like a charm...

    Marbleton, Wyoming, population 700, is getting a $30 million dollar rec center! All they had to do was ask!
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  9. wkmac

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    Seems President Obama is not the only one in Washington working on those frequent flyer miles.

    I wonder if PT Barnum had democrat and republican voters in mind when he uttered that most famous saying, "There's a sucker born every day!"

    As to Mableton Wyoming, population 700, why would a $30mil rec center be such an important need to such a small population base. I guess you could argue this one time construction project would create jobs but then consider this. Take the $30mil and divide it up between the 700 residents and that's $42k plus each. Now imagine that $42k each paying down debt for the residents of Mableton and then this frees up discretionary income to spent out in the local economy. If given the choice, I wonder what the residents would choose?

    Long term, I'd contend this a better stimulus than a $30 mil one time construction project of a rec center but then I know I'm just not thinking right.

    To quote from one of my favorite movies:

    "Luke, ya just have to git ya mind right!"

    Between Bush and Obama, why is it that I feel like I'd being told to move the dirt out and move the dirt back in to Boss Cain's ditch?
  10. Monkey Butt

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    Wondered where WC Fields stole that saying from.
  11. wkmac

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    Actually PT Barnum didn't say it, it was a competitor who was also a banker by the name of David Hannum who said it. The correct quote is also: "There's a sucker born every minute" not born every day but either way, the point was made.

    As many votes as get cast to these low down, no good democrat and republican politicians, maybe the truth is the suckers are born every minute.
  12. Baba gounj

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    How about the $200,000 spent to sent all those Dems to Italy to see the Pope ? Of course that cost is for only going over, not for the visit nor for the cost of them coming back.
  13. wkmac

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    Well come on Baba, I mean if they stay here, using the stimulus bill as a guide, there's no telling how much further havoc they might create. That $200k in truth is money well spent in cost savings to the taxpayer. Now if we could just hook the republicans into going as well and then once the plane takes off, plow up the airport runway so they couldn't come back, that alone would probably fix the economy, most ills that effect us across the board would start getting better on their own and over all, people in general would start having a much better life.

    And with the republicans and democrats gone, the lobbyist, special interests and the well connected who bought those connections would have nowhere to go other than just leave and then people themselves could come and work together to actually solve real problems for once instead of using issues to create growth industries for job security! Why solve poverty when it gives you a 30 year career and nice pension to boot!

    And you wonder why gov't never really solves anything even with more gov't.

    Get the Big Picture Dude!

  14. chev

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    Hell, I will gladly pay out of my own pocket, for them to fly to Rome. As long as it's a one way trip.:happy-very:
  15. Jones

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  16. JimJimmyJames

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    George W. forever changed my view of the Republican party. What the Republicans did under his leadership broke my heart. But than, I never voted for him and unlike the drones Greenwald describes, I actually see through my own eyes and not that of the party.

    What makes me laugh now is, as Obama backs away from the ideals of his party's base, how the liberal apologists are coming out of the woodwork stating he has no choice. Typical tribal mentality.
  17. chev

    chev Nightcrawler

    Typical of a president who hasn't got a clue what he has really gotten himself into. Reminds me of the new "gung ho" managers that sweep in thinking they are going to change the world, only to come to the logical conclusion that they're not changing crap.
    Empty promises on the campaign trail end in empty action in the office.