Do extra days you come in count towards your probation period?

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    I was hired as a preloader at the beginning of november. I've asked 5 different people that have worked at UPS including my part time supervisors and they cannot give me a straight answer.

    I've come in on saturdays a few times, and a sunday to help out Unload. Do those days count toward my 70 working day probation period? or does it still have to be from the exact day i started working??
    I'd like to be kept on, and be a permanent employee. my full timer says hes put me on a list of people he is keeping, but i still have to pass probation. he said this a few times. with emphasis on the PASS PROBATION part...I've heard UPS is notorious for letting people go right before there probation is up, but I've also heard the exact opposite from people in my warehouse