Do I have a leg to stand on?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by filthpig, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. filthpig

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    I asked my mgr to put in for a option week payoff for me. He either failed to do so or payroll bungled it and I didn't get my money the following week. I've always heard that if you don't get your vacation or option week money when you want it, you get paid double. Is this true?
  2. CachFeeder

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    Different contracts are different, but I doubt you would get double. My contract (Local 705) entitles us to ask for pay shortages of more than $30 to be issued in a separate check and If we do not get that check within 48 hrs after our request we are entitled to a half days wages in penalty pay.
    We however cannot get paid for our optional week until May. Check your contract or contact your steward.
  3. 1989

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    I think that the language on vacation pay is for assigned vacation weeks. Just have him do it again he may have just been a day late and you will get it the next week.