Do I have a right to bump?

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    Hi, everyone this will be my first post but I am a long time reader. I have been driving for 8 years now 2 with a bid route. My route has been cut 8 days out of 14 with 5 days being in a row. I am still working other peoples routes when mine is not in, but I have a lower bid route driver whos route is never cut. Do I have the right to bump him off his route?
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    It all depends on what regional supplement you work under. All you union BA, he knows the right answer for where you are located.
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    From his user name, I'd guess Lexington, Kentucky, so probably Central States. -Rocky
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    Oh I thought it had something to do with jelly.
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    Me too.....
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    No you can't bump. They only way you can bump if if you got bumped. You still have a route and still drive it they just happen to cut it somedays. If they permantly cut he route that would be a different story.
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    If you were in the Atlantic Area, you could bump anyone under you in your center.
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    based on what?
  10. Jones

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    The Atlantic Area supplement.
    Article 48, section 6
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    You can follow 51% of your bid route and bump the person that has that 51%. If it's split between 5 drivers, no. You cant bump off of your route permanently until your route doesn't run for 30 days in a row. These are the rules in my neck of the woods.
  12. grgrcr88

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    Which says what, I don't have the Atlantic supplement.

    Not trying to be an ass, I just wonder what the language is?
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    Before you start quoting your RIDER maybe you should read the whole thing not just the parts you like to hear.

    He can't bump they haven't permanently split his route. Your rider even says that he couldn't bump in your area.

    Section 6 – (Package) New Jobs and/or Permanent​


    When a
    package driver’s bid area is geographically permanently (thirty
    (30) calendar days) changed by fifty percent (50%) or
    more, the driver will have the option to choose which portion
    of the delivery area he will keep, excluding November and​

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    Grrr, I was trying to avoid typing this out, but here ya go:

    And no, it doesn't specify that the route has to be cut permanently. We have been doing this all year in my building.
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    His area (ROUTE) wasn't eliminated it was cut for the day.

    Like I said read your whole rider not just the parts that you like.

    Ever hear of cut and paste

    I'll take my own advise since it appears you don't get it
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    He would be able to bump in our center. Right or wrong, they allow it. I always thought a bid driver could not be bumped off his/her bid route until bidding time comes around.
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    In my center if your route was cut, and your work was split between 2 other routes then you could bump the route that has 51% of your work as long as you have more seniority.

    If you work is split among 3 or more drivers then you could bump any part of where your work goes as long as you have more seniority. Even is part of that work is 1 stop.

    Hence, my screen name.
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  20. grgrcr88

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    So if a bid route is cut say on a monday, the driver that bid that route can bump any junior bid driver? So then the bumped driver can bump and so on? Do they keep the routes they bumped into? Is the eliminated route rebid once these bumps are completed?

    It sounds like a very slippery slope to me!!