Do I have a right to more hours?

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    Started with UPS 2-2005 been a cover driver($24/hr + OT):greedy: for 4 of my almost 5 years. When volume was high there was driving work for me everyday because of extra routes from high volume, vacations, and senior drivers going home for the day. Couple of things happen that reduced my hours and sent me back to the HUB as a part-time loader($13.24/hr):sick: on midnight shift. One is low volume which is understandable, but the other is a new center manager that won't allow any senior drivers go home anymore. I am not officially laid off as a cover driver because I have to take my time worked in the HUB to be entered by the center I drive for so I can get paid plus I ran a route yesterday:happy2:. Although I am second from the bottom on the seniority list I can make 9.5 on at least 35 routes if they are planned for 9.5 which is more than any cover driver before me. I have several questions:

    1. Can the center manager keep me from running a senior driver's route when that driver choose to go home?
    2. I was told the other day by being a cover driver I am guaranteed 37hrs a week inside the HUB. Is that true?
    3. And being a cover driver for 4yrs why haven't I been made full time?
    4. Can I bump any Saturday Air driver for work?
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    You need to:
    1. Read the contract, paying particular attention to your supplement.
    2. Talk to a shop steward.
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    Quoted for truth.

    UPS is different everywhere. We don't even use PT cover drivers here...
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    i'll help you the best i can brother with some of the question you asked. some i know some i dont, but you asked all good questions and sort of complicated. particularly number 1 & 3.......

    question #1 - just 1st i have to say tho and make clear. you have to understand that even tho you're a cover driver. you have to remember you're still part-time. so you're not guaranteed that particular line of work, but there is exceptions.

    im sure what you're wanting to know is that because the driver wants to go home, you're willing and available to do that route and management is not allowing it. the short answer, yes. depending on the situation though. theres a lot of variables and it would depend based on whether u were schedule to cover drive that day, or schedule to work in the hub. if u were schedule to work inside the hub then sorry theres nothing really we can do (unless the route was sitting - no one to cover the route).But now if you were schedule to cover and they found out they have extra drivers, and everything u asked in question #1 takes place. now we have a legitimate case and is grievable. which is really a no brainer as to why.

    question #2 - i cant answer because i dont know what local/region you're from. but i never heard anything like that that you're "guaranteed" that amount of hours. i can break it down rather easily tho. again once u schedule to work inside the hub you go back to the guarantees of a part-timer. because after all you have to remember you're part time...but dont take my word for it. do a little investigation ask around. particularly a shop steward you trust and feel comfortable or call up your Business Agent. thats what you pay him for. when u find out brother. please post here if you would on what you discovered/they tell you.

    question #3 - great question, and i dont know. if i were in your local i would be very discontent if i were in ur shoes. because it would be pretty hard for me to swallow what excuse they have for not opening more full time opportunities for our brothers and sisters.not to say that they didnt. honestly i just dont know.thats another question and a greater question in my opinion. you should ask your Business Agent about.

    question #4 - is the easiest one to answer and not complicated at all. for one, Saturday driving is opened up for cover drivers and its part of a package deal (requirement) you get when you become one. some like it some dont for different reasons. ultimately again, your classification status is that you're a part-time employee. so you'll go as far (bump anyone) as your seniority allows you. presumably im sure Saturday air driving is made up by majority part-time air drivers and/or cover drivers. thats work you do have rights to based on seniority...and one little quick note. your seniority will be based on the 1st day you started driving, not your hired date.

    hopes that helps brother. did the best i could with the information given.

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    It varies from region to region.

    Here in NE, cover drivers are FT and get a minimum 8 hour days.

    If you are laid off, you are laid off back to the building. if your seniority date is pre-1993 and laid off, you remain regular rate (to my knolwedge) and can pick up 2 shifts in the hub for your 8 hours.

    If you are post-1993 seniority, you can pick up an option of 4 or 8 hours in the hub at a part-time rate.
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    Don't you mean your qualification date?

    I started driving Aug 16 2008, due to lack of volume, they didn't qualify me until Sep 22 2008. They actually qualified someone before me who had less building seniority than I did, and came back from training after me. So I believe I got hosed.
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    Like the other said you really need to look at your local supplement. Rules differ all over the country. In my area we don't have PT cover driver we are all FT.

    I would also see a Steward (one that drives) they might be able to help you out.