Do I have vacation? Please reply before I go to work in about 3 hours. :D

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Lugo, May 9, 2011.

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    I got two pay stubs. One of them I got about $120 (20 hours) and the other one is the actual one that I earn by working. That means I have vacation? I was not told that I have vacation.. I changed shift which I start today for the first time at twilight. Should I contact my supervisor and let them know that I have this week of vacation? I will bring my pay stubs so they can see.. I remember one of my supervisor at day shift saying that I have vacation in May.. but I thought it was next year because I've been working for only 7 months. It would be great to take my vacation this week as I have finals. :) I will explain that to them.. ha ha.. ^^
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    Sorry, no vacation until after 1 year of employment !
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    Why I got two pay stubs >_> lol Free money I guess! That's OK. I want to work anyways. I need the money. :)
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    If you got a vacation check last Friday, that means you have next week off, not this week.
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    Here in NE you get your first week vacation time once you have completed one year. IN that year you must have completed 135 days of work. Is your seniority date May 2010 (when you started)? If so, then you used your yearly vacation week until next May. Then you will choose two weeks, as you made your two years seniority.
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    This is correct also, you are supposed to get your vacation check ONE FULL WEEK before your vacation. Not a couple days.
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    We get ours two weeks ahead of vacation now. I guess to fix any payroll problems if they arise.
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    The extra check is probably for five Sick Days that you had but didn't use. Five days at four hours each.

    Does your Supplement say your Vacation/Sick Day/Option Day year runs from May 1 to April 30?

    Does you extra check say the 20 hours are for "SickPayOff"?

    If so, Payroll is paying you off at the end of the cycle for the five Sick Days you never took.
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    Thanks! I saw "Sickpayoff" on one of my pay stubs. Ha ha.. so no vacation for me until next year.. :)^^