Do Road Drivers get overtime?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by roadrnnr2008, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. roadrnnr2008

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    I am starting here shortly as a Road Driver and have read the contract through and see City Drivers who are paid by the hour get overtime after 8 hours.

    How or does a Road Driver getting paid by the mile get overtime?

    If say you are on a 12 hour run would you somehow get more per mile after 8 hours?


  2. raceanoncr

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    Nope. You only get paid how many miles you run. If you're on a 12 hour run, that is, one that is long enough to take 12 hours, then you get paid lots o miles pay. Of course, you DO KNOW, don't you, that you can't drive 12 hours?
  3. bobs barricade tester

    bobs barricade tester Ups freight

    and hub drivers? that work the dock, say they drive then work the dock then drive again.
  4. raceanoncr

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    You gonna work the dock, drive, work the dock, then drive that sends you into overtime? Nope. Don't know what your local supplement says or your national contract says (I'm in parcel) but you only get o/t for hours, not miles. EXCEPT! If you work entirely on your 6th or 7th punch, or holiday, then you get o/t for miles driven.
  5. bobs barricade tester

    bobs barricade tester Ups freight

    There are no local suppliments, There are hub drivers on duty for 12-14 hours that work the dock 6 hours a day in the middle of there shift. We think they should get Ot for all hours worked on the dock after being on duty 8 hours.
  6. raceanoncr

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    Agreed. Drivers that work on the dock after their 8 hrs should get OT for over 8.

    Hub drivers that are on duty for 12-14 hrs that work the dock 6 hrs a day in the middle of their shift have more to be concerned about then just OT for their driving time. They should be more concerned with getting their dispatch straightened out! I haven't seen your contract (am getting a copy this week) but to work that many hours a day and drive at the end is way out of line.

    Sorry, but you still don't get OT for miles driven unless you drive completely during holidays or completely on 6th or 7th punch.
  7. bobs barricade tester

    bobs barricade tester Ups freight

    My concern is not for ot for the miles just the dock work, the way it is down here, road drivers are not eligible for ot. Regardless of how there schedule is broken up.

    Our Hub drivers routinely work 12-14 hours atleast the ones who run through Olando.
  8. PADriver5

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    You are right! I just started 2 weeks ago. I ran the Mini-Hub run out of York, PA to Newburgh, NY this week. Driving 240 miles then working the dock for 3-4 hours, then driving back sometimes through another location and then back to York is rediculous! 14-16 hours per day with no overtime just because your driving time is split by dock work? Stupidity.

    Also, I find it nearly impossible and not safe to try to make it back home without falling asleep behind the wheel. All for a measely $14.68 per hr.


    Moving on..............
  9. City Driver

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    all it takes is some creative logging:wink2:
  10. raceanoncr

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    Yeah, I know. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. BUT, with THIS company...don't even try it! Let alone the feds. Good way to hit the bricks!
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Damn UPS and their integrity!:wink2:

    The logo may say UPS but the mindset is still Overnite.