Do the insides of the package cars ever get cleaned?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by konsole, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. konsole

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    One of the things that turned me off to becoming a driver is that the insides of the packages cars seem like they never get cleaned. I have no desire to drive around a truck all day that has just years and years of crap buildup. I know the outsides atleast use to get washed on a regular basic and I'm not talking about the removal of loose packing peanuts or plastic straps or some random trash, but a good washing of atleast the shelving and floors and walls of the package compartment. I know ups won't ever do this because it will take alot of time and money, but what about simply closing the cab door and then taking a hose to the package compartment to rinse out any loose crap and maybe a good amount of the caked on crap.
  2. Just Lurking

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    Sometimes the company is not going to do anymore than they have to. Ask for it to be cleaned out. The CBA only provides for a safe and clean inside of the car not the outside of the vehicle except for lights and markers.

    Squeaky wheels will get cleaned. :)
  3. pickup

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    or replaced....:dissapointed:
  4. JonFrum

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    You could always file a grievance . . .
    As part of the mighty, mighty Carwash, I keep the cars on my line relatively clean inside and out. But it's not ease fighting against The System to get it done.
  5. Dustyroads

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    The guys who wash, fuel and clean the trucks have been strapped for help in our building, especially during vacation times. If you really wanted to have a super clean package car, you could do a couple of things. First, you could take about five minutes each morning before you start work and just clean the dashboard and steering wheel before you go. That little bit, done every day will make a big difference in your car and your day. Second, you might bring a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies, once in a while, to the car wash, cleaning crew. This second tip might get better results than writing the guy up.

    I'm not proposing that you do car wash cleaning work, you have, in fact, given that individual all possible opportunity to do the work. But the once over, just before you do the pretrip will make your car oh so clean.
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    The problem is since the car wash is considered a "non-revenue producing" function, UPS is making cuts to staffing and hours. We have always washed every truck every day here but have now been told that we should only wash a truck if it is dirty. The problem is, cleanliness seems to be a subjective issue. On Friday night there are hardly any trucks that are dirty :happy2:.

    They hardly have anyone cleaning the windows, which get lots of hard water spots, etc that the car wash doesn't take off. C-Washes (cleaning the inside of the trucks) is done by one person for 4 hours per night and we have nearly 200 cars in our hub. Drivers need to file grievances for the safety issue of dirty windows and mirrors as well as the sanitary conditions of the inside of the trucks to get this problem fixed.
  7. rod

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    I used to take 15-20 minutes every week or 2 and hose mine out myself (shelves and everything) but that was way back when we also unloaded our own pickups. From what I see on the road nowdays you are lucky if the outside gets washed. Clean package cars used to be one of the things the public admired most about UPS- after our service commitment that is. I always took the time to clean my windows and mirrors if they needed it.
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    IT Worked they keep the package cars that way so you wouldnt drive.
  9. Monkey Butt

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    Does the inside of your personal car ever get cleaned?
    I kept my own package car clean when I drove (paper, peanuts, supplies, etc).
    I guess that was the way I was raised.
    If something spilled then I would ask supe to have it washed out.
    I still carry around paper towels and Windex to keep my personal car clean just like with my package car.
  10. Old International

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    When I was in package cars, I drove a lot of dirt roads. So about every two weeks, I would ask the reload to unload my car as soon as I got in, and even take off the send agains. I would then, ON THE CLOCK, drive my car around to our clean out spot, and I would turn the hose on the car myself. I would also clean the windows everyday also.
  11. dannyboy

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    In our building they wash the insides out every 10 weeks or so. Basically 10% every friday night. That allows the package cars time to dry out for the preload on monday.

    If the center balks at keeping them clean, bring it up at the safety meeting.

    But as Hoax mentioned, cleaning up after yourself every day does wonders.

  12. scratch

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    My package car is three years old and our "car wash" has never cleaned it out. I was surprised that the inside got cleaned out this past spring by the body shop when it got a new paint job. That was also the only time it got washed on the outside this year. I do keep the trash out of it myself and keep my cab clean also. I also clean the windshield too, thats the only way it gets done. Our Car Wash has had its hours cut so much they just pretty much spot cars for the Preload. Its pathetic.
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  13. Cementups

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    I will sporadically clean my PC out. then sometimes I will stop and "borrow" the pressure washer at a local detailer and hose out he back of hte car and the cab.
  14. Jack4343

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    Same here at P'Dale Scratch! Been that way for so long that I can't actually remember car wash people actually performing a car wash. If I want it clean I wash it myself and during the spring during pollen season I will break off my route (my pickups are right next to the hub) and hose out the inside of the truck and shelves before I fill up with pickups. Also carry Windex and paper towels but I've been so slammed lately that I've neglected the cab. Maybe tomorrow will be a lighter day...and maybe monkeys might fly out of my butt!
  15. Tony31yrs

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    the preload used to sweep them out once in a while if there was a lot of peanuts or dirt on the floor. I used to have to wash my own package car, so whenever the pickups were light, I would load everything on the shelves and blast it with the powerwasher. If it gets too dirty, tell your boss that the packages are filthy and the customers are complaining. I knew the guy in the carwash well and he would detail the car if I asked as well.
  16. badpal.

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    I keep my dash and windows clean because I can't stand a dirty dash or windshield (especially when the sun hits the dirt and causes that glare we all love). We have to request C-Washes (sometimes multiple times) if it ever gets done as well as truck washing period. Sad but so it goes.
  17. MechanicForBrown

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    Wishful thinking!
  18. Baba gounj

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    I have worked car wash in three different buildings, and I cleaned the insides of many a cab, using sometimes a razor blade to scrape the dash clean. The bosses always frowned upon what I did, but many a driver thanked me.
    When they need a car cleaned correctly I get a call .
    As one sup exclaimed once, " he does it fast & they look great ".
    I still clean whatever P32 I drive, including applying some Rain-X during the winter months.
    Today no matter where I am in the country I always look at any PC I see, and I'm ashamed at the lack of care UPS shows. Once upon a time a clean car was our best advertisement.
  19. tworavens

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    In 17 years at the same hub I've never once had CW clean the inside of my car. They used to wash the outsides and even clean the windshield or cab once in a while, but those days are long gone. A couple of times during the summer I will sweep the interior myself especially before the rainy season hits in the fall. And it will take more than a power washer to remove the melted crayon puddles caused by our heat wave last week.:angry:
  20. soberups

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    A grievance was filed on this issue in my building a few years back, and the resolution was that the company agreed to comply with the contract and keep the cars clean. We have a form we fill out and turn in to carwash if we need the inside cleaned out, and they typically respond within a day or two. I normally get mine cleaned out about once a week.