Do the majority of UPS employees(the package handlers in particular) really hate their jobs...

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    or is it just mostly on the internet where people just like to rant about life in general?

    I'm just curious. I've been working as a package handler for 2 weeks and so far, it's physically demanding but not quite as bad as everyone makes it out to be, in my experience. I'll admit, there was already a few days where I get irritated and frustated of unloading trailers that are filled with tons of irregs or are poorly loaded(with irregs being on top and front of the lighter packages) to the point of slowing me down from finishing as soon as possible. As for supervisors at my hub, they're surprisingly nice and would give me a hand once in a while when I'm unloading trucks that are heavily packed with irregs(after hearing many horror stories on the internet about how UPS is notorious for having A-hole supervisors and management employees for not only just for Package Handlers but sometimes even for Drivers).

    While I seem to witness the hatred for the Package Handler job mostly on the internet, I have ran into a few co-workers who openly admitted to me how much they hate their jobs. The vast majority of Drivers(who I've worked with as a Driver Helper before working as a Handler) on the other hand, seem to love their jobs and the benefits they receive for it in my experience. I have two cousins who work as Full-Time Drivers and are making a pretty good financial living while still being able to spend time with their wives and kids.

    Anyways, I knew what I was getting into when applying for the job since I needed a job to fit with my college, tutoring and extracurriculars schedule. The HR representative(that hired me) and one of the supervisors that trained me, were pretty upfront with me about how crappy the job position itself is while it offers nice benefits(after working for 6 months to a year). Overall, while the Package Handler(Unloader, Loader, Sorter, etc.) is far from a nice job, it's still okay for what it is.

    Anything you experienced UPS employees like to share(Package Handlers, Drivers, Supervisors, etc.)?
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    If I had kids I would never see them. It all depends on the center you work in. Depends on management and volume.
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    Not really. Most people just do their job and go home.
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    Do it for a couple of decades and get back to us.
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    I concur.
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    Welcome to the Jungle,Rookie!!!
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    Worse part of my day is the commute.
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    You only have 2 years in. Your still in ups diapers. We rant about the 10 to 30 years of mistreatment and abuse
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    I guess me and my cousins(who are Drivers) work at a very lenient and laid-back UPS center compared to the vast majority of others across the US then if that's the case. I honestly thought my supervisors were gonna be harsh on me already as a rookie before starting my first day but they were rather helpful(showing me all sorts of easier methods of how to unload without wearing myself out). I've been told by one highly experienced co-worker(who was spotter for me today on the extendo conveyor belts I've loaded on) to never let them get to my head when they tell me to speed up my work pace more on unloading and just continue working until I'm done as long as I'm following the power zone and safety procedure while doing my best since nothing will really happen to me(as long as I'm working).
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    Me too----the worst 5-10 minutes of my day. :)
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    I've been working as a preloader for 6 months now and I have to say that I do quite enjoy it. It has gotten me into great shape and I met some good people. Yes it is hard work and that's the reason people dislike it but if you couldn't figure that out before getting hired than you can only blame yourself.
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    Pretty much. I mean, the HR Representative(who's a pretty cool guy that I've met and who's hired me) and my trainer/supervisor have been completely upfront with me about the preload job on how physically demanding it is and how it can be difficult at times(depending on how many packages the center has for the preloaders for the day). I'll admit, the preloader job does seem to get boring after awhile but on the bright side, it still offers a decent starting pay(I'm getting paid $10.15 an hour and will eventually get a 30 cent raise I think after 30 days or more) and great benefits for a part-time job like this and you'd be hard pressed to find many other businesses that offers such things to part-time workers.
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    Two weeks!!!!
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    That's brutal Brosef.
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    Don't be knocking John Conlee
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    I wouldn't say I hate my job; at best I'm probably neutral. I'll take it in exchange for the benefits, any day. And I'm not rolling in cash, but I make an acceptable paycheck when I double shift. My supervisors are mostly pretty cool too, but there are a few jerks in my building. You just need to know how to deal with them (ignore and/or grieve).

    What gets to me is the way this place is managed. Issues go completely unaddressed, they're experimenting with the operation at a time when we don't have enough people as it is, and safety is an afterthought. The last time I asked to speak with a member of the safety committee or a steward over an imminent safety concern, my supervisor looked at me like I had stomped on a kitten. And then ignored me completely for the rest of the week.
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    welcome to the Brown Cafe.

    I liked my job ( retired now )

    I did not like the micro-managing. you'll find out someday.