Do you like your other opco driver or the UPS driver on your route?

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  1. Code 82 Approved

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    Tell the good and bad please.
  2. Express guy = awesome. Express girl = hot & awesome. There's only 3 of us Ground guys in the area, and atleast 12-15 UPS drivers. The few I know are polite. I always wonder why they wear jackets in 70 degree weather.
  3. caravan42

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    Ground guy= turd. Ups dudes= cool as hell
  4. ajblakejr

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    Jackets are equipped with built in AC and are the secret to UPS driver superpowers.
  5. TheJackal

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    I know the Ground girl from my previous route. She covers twice the area I do and is a sweetheart.
    The UPS guy is cool. We give each other a heads up if we see a bulk or heavy stuff at a stop. We also compare notes on who is open/closed around the holidays.
  6. txdriver75

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    The new ground driver on my route, cool, the last one ass. He cost me two customers. He refused to take packages at one of the stops constantly. If it wasn't by the dock door, he would leave them. Another stop he would use the dock door that customer told him not to use. But since it was easier for him he would use it. The UPS guys on my route are cool.
  7. Cactus

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    The Ground drivers are alright but there's lots of turnover, lots. Can't blame them for leaving a dead end job either. There's 3 UPS drivers in my area. Two of them are nice one is a real dick however.
  8. fedupped

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    the express guy on my route is a dick. :)
  9. CJinx

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    I'm just an office jockey but the Express and UPS guys that deliver to our station are really nice, and so are the folks at the local UPS station(we call each other if one of us ends up with freight belonging to the other).
  10. Both UPS and Express are about 50/50 .. couple real cool and nice UPS guys, one snobby beyatch .. Express about the same .. couple real cool and a couple snobs .. I have noticed in the past few months, a couple UPS guys who have been there forever seem to be gone (retired or new route) while a few young bucks have taken over ..
  11. Cactus

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    Most people the other opcos as a rule are pretty much OK. The post office carriers are the biggest snobs. Especially the women
  12. The express guys are jerks. They make fun of me because Im obese. So at our mutual pickups, sometimes I take a few express envelopes and stick them behind UPS boxes so they miss them. UPS comes at 5 and they come at 3:45. Its pretty dang funny.
  13. Doc Sorting Dude

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    The UPS guys on my route are dinosaurs and all they talk about is how much they're going to get when they retire. One's a ladies man who spends an incredible amount of time talking to the ladies at almost every stop (don't know how he does that). The FDX Ground driver is a total butt to me and to his customers (a former RPS guy) Man, these guys are so bitter about having to do what they do. The HD guys and gals are totally self absorbed. The best guys on the route are the FDX Freight guys.

    Once, all of us Express,Ground,HD and Freight ended up at the same burger joint for lunch, it was an awesome sight and great to meet face to face finally.
  14. caravan42

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    Do they really make fun of your weight? That is so beyond messed up. At my station(express) most are overweight.
  15. Im 360 pounds. They laugh like school girls when they see me. But then I hide those envelopes.
  16. caravan42

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    Who cares, people like that just hate their lives and take their anger out on others. I have things of my own that makes people laugh at me.
  17. I've got this one fat ground guy I run into occasionally at this apartment building. Mostly older people living there and I used to have this wonderful old lady on the eighth floor who I would deliver meds to about twice a month. Well ground took the account and the chunky ground guy got tired of running up the stairs (elevator sucks) so he brought a friggin RC helicopter and buzzed the old ladies porch and used it to drop the envelope up there! The worst part was he stole a bag of chips right off her patio table!
  18. I wont laugh at you. We are kindred spirits. If it turned out that you were the express guy on my route and I was hiding your envelopes, would you think differently of me?
  19. LOL! Well played sir, well played indeed!
  20. caravan42

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    No because it would be cause and effect. The express turd is getting what he deserves.