Do you lose vacation time when you go FT

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    Do you have to sell back your vacation if you go full time??... If my vacation is in may 2013 and I go full time in jan 2013 do I get to still kept that vacation.. ? I am a cover driver and I have to sign up for vacation with the full time drivers.

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    It all depends on the vacation situation in the center you got to. If there are enough vacations open that week, you are cool. Find the vacation list, find your center manager, and find out.
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    You can buy it back for the mere cost of your soul.
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    That's going into management.

    Vacation is your first-born male child.
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    I kept the weeks I had bid as a preloader when I went FT and was paid at my driving rate.
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    They paid me for all leave I had left at my pt wage. It was my choice if I wanted to take the weeks scheduled with no pay!
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    when I reached full-time, I was paid off, for my accrued vacation time....I didn't actually get a paid vacation (time off), until the following year....this was 30 yrs. ago, not sure how the rules have changed since then
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    Where I am, vacation accumulated from your seniority date. Does not matter if you are FT or PT. Just different bid lists so if you have 2 weeks in July as a PTimer and go FT in June, you still get those 2 weeks in July but at the Pt rate.
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    And as you can probably tell from all the different responses you need to either check your supplement or post what supplement you work under to get the right answer for you.