Do you owe UPS back tuition money when you quit after going full-time?


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I came onto UPS as a loader in May and took advantage of the Earn and Learn program to get a CDL through a partnered community college. I always kinda wanted to get one and I figured it would be stupid not to take advantage of tuition assistance, regardless of if I actually use the CDL or not. This course used my full allotted $5,250 for the year. My goal is to go into package car driving and become a feeder someday (at my hub, you need a year of safe driving as a package car driver to qualify for feeder) but I just noticed this on the edcore website:

“Full-time employees who leave UPS are obligated to reimburse the Company for the full amount of any tuition program coursework starting on or after May 31, 2008. The amount shown below is the amount you would be obligated to repay the Company if you left UPS as of the date listed below. You can adjust the 'As of Date' to determine what your repayment obligation would be at a future date.“

Below this, it shows a calendar and says that I would owe $0.00 if I were to quit now. If stick around and go into a full-time position (let’s say either 22.3 or 22.4 and this doesn’t happen until years from now), would I owe UPS back the $5,250 if I were to quit after that time?