Do you think hes fired?

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  1. Dnking

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    Ive mentioned before I work in a small center. Well as you know in small centers you can get away with a lot. There is a guy thats been at my center for 12 years as a pre-loader. Company likes him, hes a hard worker, only knows one speed and thats fast! Has a terrible attendance record because hes an alcoholic. At one time he had 44 occurances on his attendance record within 9 months. I know because im the steward for our sort. And they had a hearing for him once and only gave him a day off.

    He couldnt go full-time because he had a DUI on his record. After that got cleared up on his driving record, A full-time bid became available last year, which he signed and now hes a full-time driver. Just last week he got another DUI. Now 2 on his driving record. What do you think? Is he fired? Our center let him get away with a crappy attendance record, but I think this is out of there hands. I think hes done..
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    Does he still have a drivers license? Thats the question. No license no driving, but also not the end of his career necessarily.
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    I would say no because the first one occurred before he was a driver. If UPS factored in every DUI that their employees have, management included, into terminations there would be ample parking at all our buildings.
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    DNKING if your the steward, I suggest you start reading the contract. His DUI in the past since he wasnt a driver would have no standing on this DUI. He has the option to enroll in rehab with the companies help to better himself as a person and an employee. He will have to undergo random testing for a time to be determined by the SAP cordinator. If you dont know how to go about this, please, please contact another steward or your agent ASAP.
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    Both true. In Ohio I think your 2 DUI, you get your liscense suspended for a year. He can still come to work, but I think its up to the company wether they still keep him on as a driver..
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    I say "Gone With the Wind"
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    Im not the full-time steward. This is out of my hands. I said in the first post i am the part-time steward
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    Does that mean you only have half the knowledge?
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    His losing a job would be the least of his worries in Texas.
    I have a relative that works in the state penal system and one of her trustee's is doing 20yrs hard time for having 3 DUI's.
    IMO, until he conquers and controls his personal demon, he has no business driving any commercial vehicle.
    I truly hope he finds help before he gets behind a wheel and kills an innocent victim.
  10. scratch

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    "Bad attendance record, alcoholic, two DUIs"....... there are too many serious things wrong here, he shouldn't be driving package.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The first DUI is no longer on his record and the attendance issues were as a PTer. I would hope that he was given a clean slate when he went FT. That slate has been tarnished and I hope that he gets the help that he clearly needs.
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    I believe in 2nd chances when it comes to DUI's, but I dont believe in 3rds.

    Lots of people have made bad decisions around drinking and driving, myself included. I never got caught. Those who do get caught on a first offense should be given an opportunity for rehab if needed, along with a temporary license suspension and a diversion program.

    Having done all of that.... if you get popped for DUI again, I think you need to do a minimum of 6 months in jail, and your license ought to be revoked permanently.
  13. idrivethetruck

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    A couple of years ago, one of our full time drivers got a DUI. UPS pulled him off the road for an entire year. He had to work preload for 4 hours and then come back in the evening to unload trucks for 4 more hours. He did this for 10 or 11 months and quit for some reason. Maybe it took that long for his trial to go to court and he then lost his license.
  14. JonFrum

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    Here's what the Contract says . . .

    Section 3. Loss of License
    Section 3.3 Alternative Work
    (Alcohol/Controlled Substance)

    "When an employee, in any job classification requiring driving, has lost his/her license for driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance he/she will be offered available inside work of one (1) full-time or two (2) part-time openings, not to exceed one (1) year provided that the employee is assessed by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and is released to return to work by the SAP. The SAP shall establish the terms upon which the employee may return to work. The employee must also enter a rehabilitation program, if required by the SAP, within one (1) month of the SAP’s assessment. The employee shall be returned to driving once he/she successfully completes the rehabilitation program, provided his/her driving privileges have been restored. The employee shall receive the appropriate rate of pay for the job performed based on his/her seniority. Coverage for benefits shall continue for the length of the leave of absence or for the job duration, up to one (1) year.

    Any driver cited for Driving Under the Influence who does not have his/her license suspended, or who has limited driving privileges, shall be assessed by a SAP within five (5) working days of the citation. If the SAP determines the driver does not require rehabilitation, then he/she shall be allowed to return to driving. Until the assessment is completed, the driver shall be allowed to work inside in accordance with the paragraph above. If rehabilitation is required, the above paragraph shall also be applicable. The one time right to rehabilitation provided in Article 35, Section 4.11 shall not be applicable to a driver who completes a rehabilitation program under this paragraph, unless, as a result of the DUI citation, the driver is convicted or loses his/her license for driving.

    This Section does not apply to the employee that has lost his/her license for being disqualified for testing positive for controlled substances."
  15. UnsurePost

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    Someone with two DUIS, poor attendence, fast and gets 20 sporh - will pass their 30 days before a normal, average but safe driver.
  16. scratch

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    One of our "runners" had a bad drinking problem. He would drink a twelve pack of beer after work every night. I could still smell it on him the next morning, he ran the route next to me at the time and would pitch temper tantrums every morning. Finally he disappeared for a few months, UPS made him get help. He has to take some medicine that makes him sick if he touches alcohol. I believe he is subject to spot testing too. If you plan all your off time around drinking, you have a problem.
  17. menotyou

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    Only 44? That's a good record at my center for preload! Football has a lot to do with it. Actually, probably the booze being consumed while watching the football is the culprit!
  18. ORLY!?!

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    Knew a driver that got a DUI and kept driving for UPS for 6 months afterwords. Theres some agreement to the law whereas if your work involves you driving, you may drive for sometime after the violation, his was six months allowed. Yet, one must also get off the road for six months that year as well, each state is different. Some states laws on DUIs, you caught once, no more drivers license for you.

    UPS, fire someone for their personal life? Please, UPS would be asking to be sued, it would be too easy.
  19. menotyou

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    What I took from that post was a part-timer wondering if a bid sheet was about to be hung. I wouldn't want him for my union steward. He is the judge and jury.
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    What if you replace alcohol, with Brown Cafe?