Do your feet hurt?

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    This is going to sound like crazy talk to most drivers, but as a sufferer of plantar fasciatis I have been using various footwear improvements to relieve my foot pain with ok results. Latest is custom inserts to stretch my arches, as recommended by my chiropractor.I am an avid reader and have been reading a book called Born To Run, about the Tarahumara indians in Mexico who have routinely ran 50-100 miles in sandals. They don't get foot or ankle injuries because their feet are stronger than ours. This is due to the fact we wear large cushioning shoes everywhere we go, which train our feet to become weak yet do nothing to reduce joint impact and in fact only ruin our running form. Not sure that I can incorporate this into the job, but it's been very informative and if you have foot pain or knee/ankle pain, I'd highly advise it to you as a good read.
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    my feet doesn't hurt during my daily run of 10-14 hours a day of sorting/ loading/ driving/ and running in-out of my package car without breaks...

    i use gel inserts even with cheapo walmart running shoes. use foot powder, change out my socks mid-day sometimes to avoid having my feet stew in wet socks. switch to barefeet/sandals when i'm done with my route. and stretch my legs before the start of each long day
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    That's a good book, Mcdougall is a fine writer. I would take some of his conclusions with a grain of salt though.
  4. It's informative but also irrelevant. We can not go back in time and dig up concrete and asphalt to strengthen our feet or re-conceive the shoe industry. I'm a surgery on one of my flat feet so I would have been in big trouble back in those times!