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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by Houtx, May 6, 2014.

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    Hello everybody, I'm new to the site just tryna get some info!!...I have an interview for a dockworker w/cdl here in houston...anyone know what to expect?? As far as the pay, type of work I'll be doing and the hours. Also I'll mention I'm a transport driver for coca cola and this will be a pt thing for me
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    Pretty soon the Coke guys will need their own sub forum.
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    Can't wait for the Pepsi guys to come in and start a pissing match.
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    Should be cartage (csi).Light brown shirts and blue pants??
  5. Houtx

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    Im not sure...all I know is that it's ups's not a lot of info about dockworkers w/cdl here
  6. UPS_RH

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    I start tonight as a dockworker for freight. Yesterday was my orientation and I asked what the "CDL dockworker" job was all about? The HR lady told me it is a driver position that works the dock when there isn't enough driver work.

    My dockworker interview was about 5 mins long and they offered me a job on the spot pending background. As some others have said here if you have a pulse that is half the battle.

    Good luck
  7. Houtx

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    Thank u for the was the first day?? What did it consist of??
  8. UPS_RH

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    It was better than expected. I got paired with a trainer who turned out be a cool guy. He said he was really happy to have me compared to what they have given him lately. The job is really simple, just some basic paperwork and then moving freight from one trailer to another. I have three days in now and started working the forklift last night. It is really easy to use and will just be a matter of practice and experience. The hub is a crazy busy place with 50 forklifts flying around at one time. No one really pays much attention to new guys, I assume because of the high turnover and so many faces coming in and out w drivers etc.

    The job is pretty easy, just a matter of being able to handle the weather. The full time guys say the weather gets to a lot of guys. The cold and wind can be a lot to deal with in the winter.
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    At our terminal our "dockworker w/CDL guys work the in bound dock for 2-4hrs and then go out on the road for another 4-6hrs. This guy at our is full time employee.
  10. Noob

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    i know its gonna depend on location, but does anyone have a round-about starting wage for dockworker w/CDL? any input would be awesome
  11. sppollock

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    New dock w/cdl start at 17.20 an hour in all parts of the country according to the contract.
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