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  1. littlelady

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    I have a medical issue that occasionally causes me to need a day off of work.I always provide the doctors note or restrictions and didn't think any more of it, then out of nowhere was written up! I asked why because I had provided a physician excuse and they didn't know what to say. I was under the impression that the doctors note would provide me an excused absence. When I would produce these notes no one had said any different. Does this sound right? I was given the paperwork without my union rep present (because I didn't know any better) and now wish I wouldn't have signed it.
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    Sounds like you need to get approved for intermittant FMLA leave.

    See Contract Article 16, Section 6 on FMLA.

    Learn all about FMLA here . . .

    Go to UPSers dot com under the "My Life & Career" tab for FMLA forms and proceedures.
  3. toonertoo

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    I would contact the union. I would think with a doc note you are OK. Although I will tell you as I was told when hired, that just because I am a woman, they dont like to deal with absences. They now could not legally say that, or maybe even then, but they still dont like it. they hire you, they want you there every day. I cant say I disagree. You are hired to do a job that is not easily filled, even tho we are told a monkey could do it.
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    I'm interested in what the contract says. With our pretty decent insurance, lately there have been a lots of people abusing the system. Mostly workers who are just hanging on for the insurance. Our co-pay is what? Like $5 or something? So they go to some Doc in the Box, and get a note saying they can't work the next 6 weeks for "tendonitis" or something equally as ambiguous. All the while working their day job.

    Call me an ass, but what kind of "serious" medical condition would require off one day here and there? Suck it up and do your job or GTFO! This job is "for real" and requires physicality.
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    Thank you for that link, but after reading I found nothing about intermitten leave????Who do I contact regarding this? Also am I required to divulge the nature of my condition as I fear there is already some discrimination going on and knowing my condition may cause them to make my advancement more difficult than it already is.
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    Optomus Prime, Surely I understand what you mean and I am a committed employee.My condition is dire and legitimate.Never a doc in the box just one I still have to pay quite a bit for, even with the great insurance.I don't have a day job and only ever need the specific day not dayS or a week....and just in case you're wondering it's almost never a convenient day like...Friday or a day after a holiday.This is a Painfully obnoxious problem to have! trust me I would rather be working at these times.
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    Reminds me of the time back in the early 1990's when I produced a doctors note saying I required a 5-day weekend. Preload Sup. would not accept note and demanded I see their dr. (The Emergency walk-in place that did our DOT physicals at the time) By the time THEIR Dr. finished examining me and upped my Dr's request indefinitely they had become quite satisfied with my Dr.'s request. It was a beautiful weekend indeed with some much needed rest-and-relaxation!
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    Supervisors may not know about FMLA proceedures. It's best to go to your HR person.

    Read both links throughly. There's a lot to digest. Download the forms.

    UPS has no right to know anything about your medical condition. That's private information protected by law. But they are entitled to know what days you will be off, and that a doctor has authorized it.

    Intermittent Leave is for situations where an employee will be out for a while here and there over the course of the next six months. But where the exact dates can't be know in advance. The doctor fills out your paperwork, you turn it in to UPS, and then just use the normal call-in proceedures whenever you need a few hours or a day or so off. If necessary, get the authorization renewed for another six months as needed.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You are an ass. Her medical condition is none of your business. She came here asking for advice, not to receive an unwarranted lecture.
  10. grgrcr88

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    Unfortunately having a doctors note does not make it an excused absence. The only way to be excused without any threat of discipline is to get on the FMLA. We have a couple guys that are on it and they can call in one day here or there and tell them their using FMLA and it does not count as an attendance occurrence. I would do as JonFrum stated and get signed up ASAP. Sometimes they will backdate the FMLA if you can prove the days off were for a medical condition. If you can get it back dated then bring that to the company and tell them to remove the dates you were under a doctors care from your record.

    As for the being written up without a steward present, you need to get in touch with a steward immediately. Two things, You need to grieve the write up or it is accepted. However a good steward should be able to get it removed due to the violation of your Weingertner rights.
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    That was a very insulting and insensitive thing to say to her.
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    As mentioned apply for INTERMITTENT FMLA through your HR dept. Once approved it will be good through 12/31/11 at which time you will need to reapply for 2012. When you need to use a day simply call in and let them know you need an FMLA day. No further explanation is required. And no, outside of the HR mgr, doe`s anyone need to or have the right to any of your health info. Any requests, or threats of discipline, outside of the HR dept is a violation of your rights under the HEPA laws.
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    you should shut up because you dont know what a person has or does not have,there are conditions that people can get that can cause people to have to miss work and believe it or not it might be a condition that YOU have never heard of.these p/t guys should really suck it up for there $150/week and no benifits for a year and cant add dependents for 18 months and back breaking labor.this job certainly is "for real".you must be management or a union employee who wants to be one,you should GTFO!!
  14. 22.34life

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    you dont have to explain yourself or be apologetic to this ass apply for intermitent fmla and be done with it.
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    You mean Optomp***Y Ass That is a better name.
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    Thanks to all of you for your great advice. I am now in the process of getting the paperwork I need. And a double thanks to those of you chiming in on how ignorant OP's remarks were.
  17. ajblakejr

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    Who makes you Lord and Master?
    Where did you earn your MD?

    It is ill informed, judgemental comments, such as your post...

    She did not say she couldn't do the job.
    She did not indicate she overwhelmed by the "physicality" of her "for real" job.

    Many people have "serious" medical conditions and not all "serious" conditions are visible to the naked eye or "ambiguous".

    Explain to me, what is "serious" to you?
    Then explain "why" the quotes were needed.

    She asked a question.
    She was looking for advice.

    Reading your post :censored2: me off and required me to respond.

    Grow up or GTFO!:angry:
  18. ajblakejr

    ajblakejr Age quod agis

    Simple and direct.
    This is a good post.
  19. cachsux

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    Holy shiz! He made A.J. curse.
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    Intermittent leave is great, but only lasts for a year, and your vacations all but one have to be used first. But it protects you when you need to be off for your illness, injury and doctors appointments. You can get the form online, I dont remember where but do a search on FMLA, and you will find it. Your doctor needs to sign it the UPS has to approve it.
    Dont wait for it to come in the mail, get it in.
    As for tendonitis, it is a real injury, as is carpal tunnel. Of course if you have never had it you would not know. As is chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc.