Does a License Suspension from Unpaid Non-Moving Violation Disqualify..?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Robert91, Jun 25, 2012.

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    So, I got a ticket last year (expired plate) while driving another persons car. The guy who owned the car, felt bad, so he had a friend that was going to get it fixed... fast forward a year, his friend fell through and my license was suspended. I am legal again, I was only down a few days (not like that makes up for it). Will this keep me from getting a driving position? I'm interested in delivering air after the preload. Its unfortunate that I had my license suspended just after I made 21 - I have been waiting two years to start running air.

    Is this suspension going to stop me from running air? I know they check the past three years of your driving record; will a non-moving violation count against me?
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    Sorry but I cannot find my magic 8-ball.
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    "Reply hazy, try again"
  4. dilligaf

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    Probably not.
  5. No it shouldn't. You would only be disqualified if your license was suspended due to a DUI or having too many points.
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    This is not a question for a message board. You should call your business agent.
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    PLEAD insanity do the 5 to 10 years and try again you are a criminal.
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    Driving 10:30 air after preload. That is driver work at our hub. Do all the drivers at you hub run straight air or what ? Company tried this at our hub and paid dearly. Just another tool mgmt uses to cut routes. As to answer you question, it wouldn't help, so it would have to hurt you. Just be upfront and no worries.
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    Well its a medium sized package center, I would estimate about fifty routes per day, but I'm not sure that the size has anything to do with it. When I started only ft employees would normally 10:30 or any air for that matter. However, since we got a new center manager, they have been using one or two pt employees to deliver 10:30 air. One of my co-workers on the belt, runs air about three weekdays per week. I know its not much extra hours, but I am a full time student and can use whatever extra I can get. Plus, it won't be a bad gig after I finish the pay progression. I'm not sure how long they are going to keep doing this, but I want to get in on it while I can.
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    Looks like it depends on where you are. We had a PT guy disqualified because his license was suspended for unpaid parking tickets. He had to wait a year, which for him was 4 more years for another slot to open.
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    Your union steward should take a close look at what your mgmt team is doing on this. The more air you run, means the less routes they put in. Less routes put in means less ft position needed. If any drivers at your center are listening. File, File,File every time an air driver is used.
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    You should be ok
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    I was offered to be a PT Driver for peak. I filled out the app and told HR how I had an unpaid ticket and was suspended 2 years ago. She said she would try to run it, but doesn't think I'll be approved. It clearly stated No accidents, or moving violations in 1 year, and no suspensions, DUI's, etc for 3 years. HR said a suspension is a suspension. hopefully I'll find out today, but I'm not counting on it.
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    In my experience in the hub, any license suspension counts against applying for a driving position until one year has passes since reinstatement. Ask your HR rep. They have the ability to get you more answers.