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    I was wondering what the Post office couriers get paid?? Anyone know??
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    I think it is about $19 an hour and Fedex drivers get about $22. None of them will tell me exactly how much, I'm sure we have some on this site that can enlighten us.
  4. a friend of mine who works for usps says they make around $45,000 a year.
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    go to

    fedex starts at a way higher rate than UPS, but they don't peak nearly as high.

    but fedex is very good to their employees (GENERALLY SPEAKING) and air freight is easy to transport around. when i worked for FX in a medium density suburb, i'd have 25am (XPRES DEL) stops and 30pm (PUP and ECON DEL) stops, 90% of which weighed less than 5 lbs. driving 80km. and you wonder why FX isn't unionized.

    but it's a different culture... like how their delivery men and women are called "couriers" and they load their own trucks and they sometimes help out on the sort moving envelopes :ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy:
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    USPS drivers, or "The Mail Man", don't deserve half of what they make. They are lazy. Don't you all just love the pinkish/orangish colored card they put in your mailbox? Telling you they suposedly attempted to deliver your package when in actuality they didn't even get out of their truck. They use those notices as a "get out of delivering card." If they have to break from their routine of stuffing evelopes in mailboxes to actually get out and carry a package they act like they are being asked to help build the Great Wall of China. I shop online allot and recently I decided that if shipping is only offerend through USPS then I just wont buy it. It's not worth it. I live in an apartment and someone is always home during the day. The last two items I won on Ebay were shipped via USPS and I wasn't getting allot of driving time at UPS so my wife and I were both hom during the day. I figured we catch the post office but NOOOOO. They never showed up. When I'd check the mail later that damn notice would be in there. Then its a game trying to figure out which station to go to pick up the package at. Waiting for a "redelivery attempt" takes two days. Screw them. Just lazy. What do you expect.....they are federal employees. Most are ex-military and have the "I'm a veteran so I don't have to do jack @%&" attitude.

  7. All I know is all the postal carriers are on my route are dinosaurs. Very rare to see a young postal carrier. I think you'd be bitter too is you had to wear a "safari hat" when you deliver (whats up with that?).

    Oh, and the look you get if you ever block the mailboxes in the direction they are delivering!
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    Fredex couriers never top out. The literal "grandfathers that have topped out get some percentage raise which is not even close to cost of living adjustment. I was a courier for 9 years, received no less than 6.5 out of 7.0 on semi-annual, then annual reviews. Was still $3-4 short of topping out. It was insane. At least at brown doesn't a noob driver progress to top scale within 2 years?
    Having looked at the postal employee link, that is probably fair, considering they work about 5 out of 8 hours of their day.:wink:
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    I had one that wouldn't deliver to the new development I moved into ,they said it was too dangerous because there was still construction equipment on the road. Another time I was waiting for a pkg that needed a signature so I tracked it and it said they tried to deliver it at 5 AM.
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    30 months I'm told.
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    OK, 30 months, 2 years...relatively speaking pretty close when it takes a fredex courier about 10 years.
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    Our mail"man" is nice. He delivers packages to the door (but it is a UPS DR area so no problem there), he has biscuits for the dogs, and is very pleasant. He is under alot of pressure though just like at UPS. I read where most of the supervisors are ex-military who think they are still in the army. So you think you are working for the post office, but actually you joined the army. They don't make jokes about "going postal" for no reason. Competitive testing for the jobs where I live. Mostly asian and ex- military. I like UPS even though it's is by far a tougher and dirtier job.
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    Letter Carrier
    Starting pay: $15.85
    Maximum rate: $20.98 after 12.5 years
    (Source: NALC)

    Here's a link comparing USPS pay to UPS & FedEx, some parts seems a little outdated.! Pay Comparability Review
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    If you have a rural driver, they aren't required to get out of their vehicles, the rural drivers are only covered by insurance for injuries if they are in the vehicle, or delivering to a multiple box stop, ie a metal stack of like thirty mailboxes in a trailer park or apartments. If I wasn't covered my butt would stay in the car as well.
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    Where I deliver, the postal carrier just ties the packages to the mailbox. They don't get out of the little white truck....

  16. You know I've never seen the bottom half of my postal carrier....maybe I don't want to...
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    Ouch LMFAO
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    So, you take lunch in it? Take a piss in it etc??? You mean you never get out? You drive it home from work and then sleep in it? LOL, let's not tell fibs c'mon now.....