Does anybody know about a grievance for air combo drivers?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by trapper, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. trapper

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    I am a full-time air combo driver. I work outside the hub picking up airs at the air rate and come back into the hub and shift at the shifting rate. I was hired prior to 1982 and am a red circled employee. I have heard rumors that that the air drivers up north grieved the split rate of pay and won back pay and the higher rate of pay for the whole day. Does anybody know anything about this?
  2. hoser

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    could you please define what a red circled employee is and where "up north" is?
  3. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I've never heard of any combo jobs paying two different rates. They are supposed to be paid according the pay rates in the contract so the specific jobs shouldn't affect the pay. I'm not surprised those people you mentioned "up north" won their grievances because if you go full-time, whether it be driving or combo, you are supposed to be paid one full-time rate that is determined in the contract. Not air pay for picking up air and then comming in the hub and getting paid your inside rate.
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    I agree with Big Arrow. This seems very fishy.
    Hoser: Red Circled means highest rate according to the contract. This guy guy should be getting paid the same as senior drivers.
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    Under Article 40, 22.2 and 22.3 employees are paid the air rate for their air work and the rate for the other classification during that time. So only air combo employees have 2 pay rates for the day. I don't know where "up north" really is a UPSer just heard a rumor. It drives me crazy that I work for less in the air department than in my other part of the day!

    A red circled employee was hired prior to 1982. So he has the higher rate of pay in every classification.
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    I have always been led to believe that "red circled" means that your pay is frozen. It is usually part-timers hired before 1982 or clerks that were unionized a few years back. We had a clerk that was making like $12.00/hr as a non union employ and when those jobs were unionized UPS froze the clerk's pay. She was red circled until she had enough time in at UPS to actually be making $12.00/hr. For example: I had 3 years in with UPS and the clerk mybe 1.5 and I was making less than her because she apparently had more raises as a non union clerk. When clerks were unionized her pay was froze until she was be being paid the same hourly rate as other hourlys with the same amount of time in with the company.
  7. >>>It drives me crazy that I work for less in the air department than in my other part of the day!

    i know what u mean i did some coverage air driving this summer after my shift and I had to shave and I had to be nice to customers and I could have stolen boxes or crashed a truck and ruined it or killed people with it and I took a pay cut to do that.. Doesn't exactally make sense to me but so it is..

    What really suck was the week I said i'd do it then they asked people to double shift all week. I would have worked more hours in the building then i did doing air pickups and would have been paid 9$ more an hour.. talk about a bad choice.
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    you enjoy working inside moving 60 lb boxes under your supervisors eye more than spending a day outside delivering envelopes and shoe boxes?