Does anyone know the real wage of a PT preloader?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 32blaine, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. 32blaine

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    UPS is heavy on the benefits side, I wouldn't be surprised if we're paid more in benefits than in actual wage.


    Wage: $11/hour
    Health/vision/dental : $X/hour
    Pension: $Y/hour

    Anyone know the numbers of x and y?
  2. fres431

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    Doesn't matter as long as they pay hourly rate x and y I'm good
  3. Read the contract book. A the information you seek , is inside of it.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If I were a PTer I would rather they add x and y to my hourly wage.
  5. 32blaine

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    Not currently a union member as I just joined.
  6. Your benefits are worth more than your hourly wage.
  7. We need that money going into the healthcare fund, besides many part timers work here just for the benefits.
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  10. 32blaine

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    I'd like to know if I'm actually compensated better than my more highly paid friends. Plus it'd be cool to know.

    BSWALKS Easily Amused

    It's about 9- $10/hr each. Pension, & .health care
  12. Basically $30 an hour.

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    That's what kept me smiling as a part timer.
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    are you married? children?