Does cover driver progression count toward 22.3 progression/inside rate red circle purposes?

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  1. PizzaToUps

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    I recently secured a 22.3 position where I was previously a cover driver who also delivered air on Saturday’s. Would my few years of cover driving red circle me for my inside rate or would that only apply to my driving rate which wouldn’t matter as I’m already top part time air rate?

    In addition, would those few years cover driving count toward my 22.3 four year progression as well since the contract says that employees should only have to undergo progression once. I was set to hit 4 years as an air/cover driver later this year.

    I hit top air rate for part time which is $30 and some change after yearly raises which was only two years of progression before the new contract was enacted. Would I automatically jump up to the $30.64 plus raises since I had already gone through progression or would I have to start the 4 years again if my cover driving years don’t count toward the 4 year 22.3 progression?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I used the search bar and saw a lot of posts about part time air drivers being red circled at their air rate when doing the air portion of their 22.3 but I didn’t see anything about former cover drivers going 22.3 As of right now, My paychecks show my part time air rate for the driving part and my inside rate for my inside portion of my job. I know that cover drivers get red circled as a 22.4 and cover progression counts toward top 22.4 rate but wasn’t sure if it counted for 22.3 as well since 22.4s get paid their same rate if they laid off in the hub.
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  2. Pizza

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    Can you clarify. Was your cover driving a part time or full time position?
  3. You get your air rate for the driving time and your inside rate for all of the other time
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    But does he have to go through progression again?
  5. He will get his top air rate.
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    Going to depend if he was a FT cover driver or PT. If PT, then his progression to top rate PT kinda means nothing and he would be red circled IMO.

    Better to ask a BA in your local to get a straight answer in case you have some local language.
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    in the west, all cover drivers are considered part time but I know if you work four years as a cover driver and then become a RPCD, you’ll be at top rate.
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    do I get my part time air rate or the full time air rate? There’s about a ~two dollar difference.
  9. I honestly don't know.
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    All good, I appreciate the response though
  11. The only thing I do know is that the 22.3 drivers checks seem to get messed up a lot
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    Call your local.
    (805) 644-0070

    Ask to speak with your business agent and discuss it with him or go to your general membership meeting on March 10 at 11am and speak with him face to face.

    Those are your best options.