Does "ground" have a guaranteed transit time?

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    Does "ground" have a money back guarantee when it comes to transit time like the premium services such as NDA and SDA? From a UPS Store which I serve there was rather recently sent a ground package that did not make it to the destination on the day it was supposed to arrive. The question arose as to whether the customer should receive a refund of the shipping charges. The UPS Store owners were told the answer was "no," that there is no such guarantee with any of the ground. (I have always understood "Basic" as not having the guarantee.) Anyway, this surprised me because I have known the twilight sort to go to great effort to try and get every ground package out of the building, making especially sure the "hots" (that are ground) get on the very specific trailers so they can be delivered the next day and remember hearing ground packages left in the building refered to as "service failures," just like say an air package delivered after the commit time. Have there been any recent changes in the guarantees UPS offers, or what's going on here?
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    Ground does indeed have a guarantee but the guarantee is suspended during Peak.

    I believe the guarantee on ground was suspended on Dec. 12 and on premium services Dec. 19.
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    Thank you for this information...It's interesting. Believeing that I was most definitely not imagining things, I called an on-car sup from the UPS Store one day, and I was also told there was NOT a guarantee...I am grateful for Brown Cafe... It is on here where I first learned of "Sure Post."
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    There is a 1-5 day delivery commit time for ground package you could get you package tomorrow or 5 operating days from today. The commit times are based on distance you can see the ground maps on You need to understand that no all ground go by ground and not all air goes by air.

    They are worried about are NDA and International more than ground. In order to meet these commit times the air trailer has to leave the building by a specific time in order to be at the airport in time to catch the plane. that means the air has to be back to the building in time to make the air trailer.
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    Yes, 7 days
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    No that's not true. There is not a uniform number of days for ground although I have heard UPS store employees quote it this way.

    It depends on the two points the package is travelling between. In some markets, ground may be committed for 1 day, and in others 3 or more days. But each ground package has a committed delivery date.
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    5 business days