Does it matter who wins the election?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by BrownArmy, Aug 27, 2012.

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    Obama has out-Bushed Bush (hope and spare change aside).

    Romney has played the right to win the nomination and is now moving toward the center (this guy wants to be President so bad he's wetting himself...).


    Does it matter who wins the election?

    These guys are 95% the same.

    It's the leftover 5% difference that everyone's screaming about.

    (we're asking the wrong questions...)
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    In actual meaningful way, it will make no difference. In terms of rhetoric and meaningless side issues that play to the partybots, only there does it make a difference. In the case of Romney, he ran from his healthcare record but then Akin comes along and now it's of value so he embraces it again. And not that Obama isn't the hypocrite either. They both are empty sock puppets and the only way to motivate their supporters is to drive irrational fear of the other side. Jones posted a piece in the last day or 2 that perfectly underscores what is really going on.

    The real question comes in 4 years if Romney is elected and yet once again not much has really changed. What then?

    Good observation Brown!
  3. Some of the posters think it does(not me)...:peaceful:
    Still Obama has to have some tricks for the end, still waiting on that Vatican to be "used". :surprised:
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    short answer ---- NO

    The middle income people (what is left of them) will take it in the shorts no matter who gets elected. You don't actually think everyone will end up paying their fair share of taxes now do you.
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    FAIR seems to be in the eye of the beholder.

    A man who pays MILLIONS of dollars in tax as well as MILLIONS of dollars to charity is accused of not paying his fair share.

    How many millions of dollars have you contributed to the Government ???? His one year at 13% will be more than you pay in your whole life. What seems fair would be for all of us to pay the SAME.

    Only Klien will charge you triple for a hot dog if you make over 250,000 a year.
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    It will absolutely matter who wins in November. Currently we have man running this country from the white house as a wanna be dictator. Ignoring the rule of law, bypassing Congress at every turn, and amending the constitution by decree rather than going by the amendment process. What we have seen thus far is simply the tip of the Marxist iceberg because Obama has known that he has to be accountable to the voters for one last election, and afterwards he can go full bore left once he is free from that accountability. The lawlessness and contempt displayed by this President cannot be allowed to continue for a second term, and will be exponentially magnified if he does get a 2nd term. Romney was not my first choice as the opposition, but I will do my damnedest to ensure he wins by donating my time and money to ensure the defeat of this dangerous man in the white house. Obama cannot be allowed a 2nd term or this country will simply cease to be what it has always been, and to quote Ronald Reagan that would be the shining city upon a hill that the world can look up too and that we as its citizens can be proud of.

    This election is not just for deciding if we get a republican in the white house or not. This election is about the future for yourself, your children, and grand children. This is the most important election in our lifetime and to say its not important is ignore the precedence already set by this dangerous man in office.
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    It could mean the difference between total unmitigated disaster and just a measly simple disaster.
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    Read this piece yesterday which was written by Albert Jay Nock and first published in 1927'. What I found interesting and ironically most familiar were his observations on political power and political process from a perspective of 85 years ago. A lengthy read but to your thread topic, very much worth it.

    Nock would also agree that in politics, the winner is just superficial window dressing for eye appeal but the core is still rotten and only gets worse. That's another reason why I say that a Ron Paul Presidency for example at best is nothing more than a brief pause on the middle step as we collectively climb the gallows. Nock observes why the heart of that observation IMO is completely true.
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    Paraphrasing a statement I heard on the radio:

    We're on a train driven by Obama speeding at 100 miles an hour toward a broken bridge - total disaster.

    Romney wants to slow the train to about 80 miles an hour (bridge is still broken...).

    Here's another:

    We have a choice between the party that can't get us out of this mess or the party that got us into this mess.

    Take your pick.
  12. I just want my flying saucer (create it with my mind), this year Obama do it please:laughing: