Does one need to have seniority to be an air driver?

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    I've been preloading for just over three months. I heard about a co-worker who is a Saturday air driver. He told me all about it and of course I was interested. I told him that I couldn't do it because I can't work every single Saturday. He explained to me that it is pretty flexible at our center.

    I asked around until I was pointed to someone in the office. He was very eager to get me in. He instructed me to come back in a few weeks with a class D license to schedule a driving test. I returned the following day, to his surprise, with the license. He sent me to HR, who said I need to have a physical before. She also instructed the guy from the office to post a roster so I can bid on the job (This is done every few months, so I am not worried about being out bid).

    She also mentioned that there may be a curtain amount of seniority you have to have to even qualify for the position. He told her to find out and let both him and myself know the answer.

    I'm very excited about taking up this job, along with the extra hours; I've even taken a driver help (golf cart residential route) position in order to learn how to use the diad system.

    I know it will be at least a week or so before I hear back from HR - can you guys offer any answers? Do I have to work for UPS for a certain amount of time before I can bid in this job?
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    The bid sheet will list the job being bid and the requirements/qualifications you must have in order to bid on the job. Any qualified employee can bid on the job with the employee with the most seniority awarded the bid. You have already been told that you must have the proper license, road test and DOT physical in order to perform the job. I am not sure if there is a minimum amount of seniority required for the job. I am surprised that your sup did not know this either. It will take time to schedule both the road test and DOT physical. Good luck.
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    Where I'm at you have to be at least 21 years of age.
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    "(golf cart residential route)"

    What SoFla gated community are you in?:surprised:
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    It's simply a middle class neighborhood; it's not gated. It's about 50-100 packages from what I have seen, takes a lot off the drivers route.
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    Around here, if you are driving a vehicle on your own. You are a driver and get driver pay. Helpers are just that, Helpers. They do not go out and deliver their own mini routes.
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    I have no idea what I'm getting paid honestly. I only took the "driver help" for the diad experience.