Does the Louisville Hub really hire everyone with no criminal record?

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    Yes, this is reposted because it wasn't getting any attention in the newbie forum. I have a few friends that work at the Louisville hub and they swear that the turnover rate is so high that pretty much anyone who wants a job as a package handler gets one as long as they don't have a criminal record. Is this true or even plausible? I know that the Louisville Hub is enormous.
  2. My building hires every slightly warm body, even ones with records.
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    That's good. How long does it usually take?
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    So, what did you do?
  5. As fast as a background check takes, if they're in immediate need of a body.
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    If your in Louisville looking for a warehouse job try zappos or many of the other distribution centers there. They pay much better.
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    Most large UPS hubs like Louisville have weekly employee requisitions they task HR with interviewing based on job apps on This means that at a hub like the one in Mesquite TX, they might be looking for 10 people a week, every week, to replace turnover.

    Keep in mind you'll be signing up for near minimum wage, heavy lifting for 4 hours a day, and there are very few "day" jobs.

    However, after a number of years depending on how long the transfer list is, you will have a shot at one of these $100k driver jobs you read people complaining about on here!
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    Nothing. No record. I just feel more confident knowing that if felons get in, then my non-felon status should guarantee my employment.
  9. Synnfusion

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    Nothing. No record. I just feel more confident knowing that if felons get in, then my non-felon status should guarantee my employment.

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    From what I see at my hub, they hire anybody as long as they are young. Almost all the new hires at UPS are 18-20 years old. If you're older then say, 25, then your chances of nabbing the job are slimmed down considerably. The older people would be more susceptible to injuries, would use the insurance, and be much more likely to stick around. When you stick around for a while, you can make a pretty good overall compensation package between the wages, health insurance, paid vacation and pension and that's what UPS is trying to weed out by hiring them young. The young ones come in for the tuition reimbursement and usually don't make it more than a few months, so UPS prefers having a revolving door people making $8.50 an hour without having to compensate them for said benefits.
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    What is the wait for being a driver in the Louisville hub? Is there a ground hub in the area that pt'ers that work at the air hub can be part of for driving lists?
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    The best part time job in America doesn't attract the college students that it used to.
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    I am 23 but am looking to complete my undergraduate education by working at UPS. Hopefully that will be enough.
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    I'm sure we'd love to do that, as labor intensive as PT package handler jobs are, but we can't. In my hub, I PRAY to find someone in that age range but it doesn't happen.

    The reason for that is the EEOC. They can pull the class data on everyone who applies in, and compare it to the actual intake. If these percentages don't match, you're biased. Doesn't matter if you have a stated policy or not.

    So for instance, if you have 32% Asian females between the ages of 40-49 applying for jobs, your actual "intake" of hires better be close to 32% Asian females between 40-49.

    I'm sure the EEOC doesn't have enough people to monitor everyone, but large companies like UPS and Wal-Mart are easy pickens, you just have to subpoena the data that already exists in the databases the companies maintain themselves.
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    UPS does all that and it is monitored continuously.
    In regards to the EEOC, it is rather toothless.
    The National Government agency with the real teeth is the OFCCP ( Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs).
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    UPS can't hire only persons 18-20 -- it's age discrimination, and it's illegal. Age discrimination is difficult to prove most places, but if a large company like UPS is stacking its PT ranks with only 18-20, then it's pretty easy to make a case.

    BTW -- when I hit my 10-year PT seniority, I was one of the 15 youngest Preloaders - out of more than 350 - in my building (I was 27). There's been a youth injection in recent years, but even now with 13, I'm still one one of the 50-75 youngest persons within my building, despite sitting near the top of the seniority list.