Does This Sound Like Anyone You Know?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by NonyaBiznes, Sep 20, 2013.

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    Who, me?
    Clue me in please.
  4. NonyaBiznes

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    The gun-toting, I'm this and that, I own a gun store, look at me, hey I posted my FedEx vehicle on my Facebook page, they are taking away the 1st, 2nd and 3rd amendment, I want my country back ... ring a bell?
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    You forgot the "unions are killing this country" part.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    You also forgot that Obama is the antichrist.
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    And he is the DEVIL!
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    Now come on folks. If your gonna quote me please us my words, not yours. It's is very easy to reply with a quote on this forum.

    That "police chief" should have been fired on his first video. Justice was done in the end and that is totally unacceptable conduct no matter what uniform we wear to work everyday. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Thank you for checking out my FB page. At least everyone knows I am a "real" person. We might have different views on things but we all are working in the transportation industry.

    I hope everyone had a great Saturday, it rained here all day.

    JP in 10-E-C
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    Oops...sorry. You know he's also a Kenyan Muslim Nazi, right?
  10. Sniper

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    A Kenyan Muslim Nazi would never endure a goat peeing on him while he made a stop. Then biting him while returning to the truck.

    I did. This is the "rest of the story"
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    I had a turkey chase me once. Ran full bore at me and chased me back into my truck. I was :censored2: at first and then realized I would be eating one of his brethren in a few weeks. lol
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    Nice, but you're sort of deflecting here. President Obama has been undeservedly disrespected by the Right ever since he walloped McCain. You guys just can't stand that the fact that we have a smart, articulate, and worldly leader who just happens to be Black. I've seen him portrayed as a Nazi, a monkey, gay, a Communist, a foreigner, a Muslim, and other very racist things I cannot even cover here.

    Here are the FACTS, since you seem hung-up on that word. Obama is black, Nazis believe in White Supremacy and would never agree to a non-White leader. A Commie leading us down the road to socialism? Hardly. If anything, Obama has been too conservative for most liberals, and Obamacare is not socialism. If you think it is, how about Social Security or Medicare? Oops.

    A Muslim? Again, no. Obama has been a practicing Christian for a long time. His father was Muslim, so I guess that means Obama is one too, right? My Dad is an atheist and my Mom is a Southern Baptist. By your "logic", I'm an atheist who isn't supposed to dance because it leads to sex.

    The real problem is that being a Republican is a dead-end these days. The party is dying as our population becomes more diverse and liberal, so you double-down on all of the Far Right values that worked way back in the 40's and 50's and whine how America is being "taken away from you". Sorry, America is evolving, but the GOP isn't. Oh, that's right, you can't evolve any way because of creationism. Yes, Republicans were created idiots, and they cannot evolve into a higher life form...the liberal. You're welcome.
  13. Sniper

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    Not deflecting at all.

    It is very easy to quote here. Those were your words not mine. I don't like being misquoted and neither does anyone else. I supported Herman Cain all the way, NOT because he was black. He was NOT a career politician and he also ran a a large business. He had some real world experience outside DC's beltway. I'm sure the "Republican party" dug up some dirt because he was not a politician. I think he is an honorable man with honorable intentions.

    I disagree with the POTUS for political reasons not racial reasons. I explained the facts of operation "fast and furious". No one even got fired, much less indicted. Executive "privilege" was claimed and the bodies are still stacking up at the border over total abuse of government power. The whole "operation" was to blame the evil mechanical devise, not the heart or motives. It blew up in their face and everyone went ducking for cover. Brian Terry a border patrol agent got killed with one of the guns that "walked" across the border thanks to the Holder department of "justice". There was not justice in the operation at all. A truly sad day for American Law Enforcement.

    Social security and Medicare are another housing bubble waiting to pop. Taxpayers our age are still paying in and will never reap the rewards. I hope I am wrong but just in case I have a back up plan. Obama care is the largest intrusion of the federal government into each one of our lives, whether your a Democrat, Republican, Liberal, or Conservative.

    I like the libertarian party the best. Individual freedom, less government and personal responsibility. It bothers me to no end when the race card is played because political viewpoints are different. Its just another from of distraction from the issues at hand. I really hope Obama care works out because we are paying for it a year early.

    During the last four years the debit has skyrocketed and the rich just got richer. Time will tell, it always does.
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    This is why we can't get any cooperation among politicians. Too many of them in both major parties have an ingrained belief that their party holds the moral high ground and all other dissenting opinions(opposing party especially) are wrong and need to be scourged from the existence.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Conveniently, you forgot to mention these gunwalking operations started under the Bush administration. Just like Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama inherited from the Bush admin. How many thousands of lives were lost in Iraq when we had no business going in anyway? The violence in Mexico and on the border goes a lot deeper then operation fast and furious. You are very naive if you think this is the cause of the violence. You can try and cherry pick the facts to bolster your argument , but it won't change the outcome.
  16. Sniper

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    Very true, operation wide receiver, a larger part of operation Gun Runner (no I didn't make this up).

    Attorney General Eric Holder became the first sitting member of the Cabinet of the United States to be held in contempt of Congress on June 28, 2012.[SUP][19][/SUP][SUP][20][/SUP] Earlier that month, President Barack Obama had invoked executive privilege for the first time in his presidency over the same documents.[SUP][21][/SUP][SUP][22][/SUP]

    Ronald Reagan signed the first gun ban in modern times, May 19, 1986. (that is why machine guns are so expensive). HW Bush stopped the importation of "assault weapons" in in 1989. That stopped the HK's, Yugo's, Augs from being imported into the U.S.

    If memory serves Congress voted on going to war in Iraq so all parties can take the blame/credit for that one. My son-in-law has been to Iraq twice and getting ready to go to Jordon in weeks. I personally know the "price" of war and the disruptions to the family and grandchildren.

    Getmo is still operating. When were all the ground forces scheduled to be out of Iraq?

    My point is nothing has really changed. I am still a one issue voter because they will all lie and raise our taxes. That is the nature of government, more money, more to waste. The working people work harder and the rich get richer no matter who is in control.
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    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    The working people work harder and the rich get richer no matter who is in control. I certainly agree with that statement. And as far as our situation with your messiah, Fred Smith, would only change with union representation.
  18. Sniper

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    Fred is not my "messiah". He signs my checks every week. I am proud to work for something bigger than "me". That goes for USMC or WCSO or FedEx. I have worn uniforms all my life.

    I guess it's all about one's point of view from life experiences. Would I like better health care for a reasonable amount of money. YES. Would I like the traditional pension back. Yes. Have I worked a lot harder for less money at other jobs. Yes.

    Is there anywhere I can go within 100 miles and even come close to 6 weeks vacation and my current salary. No. Am I willing to walk away from a job I have devoted almost half of my life to because the world isn't perfect? No.

    MrFedEx is correct. We can agree to disagree but most of us will be working at FedEx next week. It's not perfect but much better than McDonalds.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    It is about ones point of view. But is also about all of us together. You know like the USMC. I can see how you" have it good" but trust me those " retirement routes" are too few and far in between. A lot of us work like dogs, working am and pm sorts and running a full route every day. Would you leave one of your comrades in the line of fire to save yourself. Hell no. Well just because you have a cherry route in an economically depressed area where you have nothing else but McDonald's doesn't mean everyone one else has it as good as you. Your mentality of I got mine so screw you is very rampant with the topped out veterans.
  20. Sniper

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    Absolutely. There is no I in team. We all are in this together. I do have a retirement route but I run my butt off just all of us, if you work here.

    I don't leave anyone behind. As a matter of fact our work group services the end our stations delivery area. I stay out and drop my outbound 2 out of 4 nights because we are all in this together. It's not even Halloween yet, much less Thanksgiving. Peak is right around the corner and we will have some snow this year at prime time.

    I am a veteran of FedEx and I'm proud of it. I will help anyone in the station if they need it. The hour break is killing us in the extended areas. A lot of couriers are moaning because they have to take an extra :30 minutes and they are home at 18:00. That :30 minutes in our group equates to 2.5 reduction of window. We have to take a break and no 01's. It is what it is. Don't like it, our customers are suffering but we are wad. Again we are all in this together.

    My wife shuttles the freight, runs her route and takes the freight back. She is working harder than I am and not topped out. I have personal knowledge of the plight of the mid-range couriers. Is it fair that she works harder than I do and makes less money? I ran her route on Monday, my normal day off, had 5 lates and got an olcc Tuesday.

    Our station has about 60 drivers. I got drafted Sat and Mon last week, twice in three days, my normal days off. Is that fair? Did anyone else get it twice in three days? Veteran this...Veteran that... Whatever!! My mentality is to help anyone who needs it. No screw you here. I don't have mine yet, but am working on it. I deserve 13 more years if the dice roll that way.

    Like it or not FedEx is a family. The pilots are flying tonight so we can drive in the morning.