Does U P S really care about UPS FRIEGHT

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  1. It seams that U P S does not really care about us and if that is so why did they buy OVERNITE?
  2. local804

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    oh,they care.......
    Btw when they add Ivis to your trucks, you wont be able to drive 80mph on I95 anymore.
    Drive safe and slow the hell down. This isnt a race, you gt paid by the hour.
  3. happy harry

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    I don't know who you mean by us? But I will try an answer your question hopefully with my opinion.

    By acquiring overnite, UPS looked to continue is growth. Its business 101. When you knock out the competitor you sweep up there business and move on to the next. Its like Monoploy.You get the jist of it I hope. Also by expanding their customers it also expands shareholders. So i would have to say UPS very much does care about
  4. govols019

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    Heck yes they care. They just got a bunch of new employees they can try to fire. They love that.
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    Prime example of how much they care about the image of UPS Freight, I took a load out this morning in my old '93 Volvo with the Overnit logo standing out there loud and proud on the top fairing, on the door is the nasty looking UPS Freight sticker and I was pulling a dirty white Motor Cargo emblazoned pup. Now tell me they care about our image to the customers.
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    Oh, I think they care, about all of it. But when a company absorbs another, the rebranding takes time, and is usually done in a planned process. All the logos will be replaced, but they probably have a 3-5 plan. That way, a huge sum is not dropped all at once, which does not please the most important group of people, the stockholders.
    And I doubt the customers care too much about the appearance of the trucks. They want the stuff there, timely, cheaply. That's what they care about.
  7. MR_Vengeance

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    it will take some time to get your rigs painted, give it alittle time.
  8. any122

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    we dont get paid by the hour dips_it!We get paid by the mile and we get alot less then your overpaid lazy teamster ass.
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    Geez, somebody pee in your Cheerios today?
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    a little bit of an overreaction? yes please. You may get paid by the mile but when you roll your tractor on the thruway u want be getting paid at all....slow down go the state speed lim, this isnt texas. (no offense texans)
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    No they don't care. They talked a big game when they bought us and Motor Cargo, just to get us onboard with their grand plan. Then once they hooked us, just like fishing they reeled us in an stuck it to us. No they don't care about the employees, what they care about is making sure the senior management staff that moved over to Overnite as UPS Freight will continue to pad their retirement and the good folks from Motor Cargo and Overnite will end up with nothing. No real chance of promotions, even though they talk a great game, they still continue to bring UPS Package people in to run freight, and while there is no doubt that Package people are very good at what they do in Package, they are totally CLUELESS in the freight world. This has been born out over and over again with their great masterplans to consolidate terminals in the west and time after time they failed, but it is never their fault, its always the people from Overnite or Motor Cargo that are at fault. Funny thing is that both companies were doing just fine prior to UPS buying us and
    frankly I wished out stockholders would have thought things out before they sold.....
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    Amen brother. You hit the nail squarely on the head.
  13. Coldworld

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    Yeah, ups should have passed on overnite and picked up yellow/reddaway, a much more professional, profitable company. The folks that I have run across on my route are absolutely trash...and I dont take this word lightly. A couple of my accounts started to try ups freight, based on the YEARS OF GREAT SERVICE THAT I HAVE GIVEN THEM ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS. THE FIRST DAY THEY CAME IN THE DRIVER MADE A BIG STINK ABOUT A PALLET. I HAD JUST WALKED IN TO PICK THEM UP AND ALMOST CALLED THE SALES REP FOR THAT ACCOUNT TO BITCH.ABSOLUTELY UNPROFESSIONAL. WELL NEEDLESS TO SAY THAT THEY DONT USE UPS FREIGHT ANYMORE. This is the kind of crap that is happening all over the place. And the driver who says that ups package drivers are lazy....shut the f wouldnt last 1 day on many of the routes my center dispatches. It doesnt take a motivated freight driver to drop off 10 stops a day. You guys are just like the ups store owners, think that your going to come under the ups family of companies and automatically get everything you want, double digit raise, etc, etc, sorry to bust your bubble. the motor cargo guys probably said the same thing when overnite bought them. By the way, just a news flash....try being a little more professional to my customers, and maybe a haircut and a trim on that trashy beard might help a little two. Some of you ragtags can at least try to "look the part", even if you cant step up and play the part. Oh by the way, ups has been stealing volume from ltl freight companies for years, they probably know more about freight than you realize. You guys are not in the same league as us, especially with regards from OUR customers....sorry jack, its true.
  14. As of right now we still get Miles, but I was told in Memphis by a driver there, that when we go UNION , all runs under 450 Miles will go Hourly, Well it does'nt take long to see how much money UPS will save by us going UNION, they want us to go UNION then we can go onto there yards and pull there trailers when we would pull a empty,But they can't pull our Trailers cause of the Haz=Mat loads, Then with the UNION we lose 401k match, and Vacation match, which will go to 40 Hour for Vacation, he said so WOW what a deal for UPS, they will be raking it in, and we will be making less,Plus paying UNION DUES,WOW I can't wait,and I really would like to see A ups truck that does 80mph,But I know you would'nt tell a lie just to make yourself sound good,being UNION and all,Right?
  15. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    If you think ups will be saving money by overnite going union you are absolutely high man..stop for a second and think about it. If you add up all of your benefit package and measure it with a yellow, or abf driver, Im positive that the union drivers have a much better pay package than you. If you want to compare it to a ups package car or feeder driver, well its MUCH more than a ups freight driver. Not really sure what your trying to say. As far as Im concern ups freight is an absolute sore eye to ups' rep. just read my last post in this section about what happen to one of my good accounts that tried ups freight, and no it wasnt an issue about time in transit or damage...but one of a absolute unprofessional freight driver. Sorry to have to say it.
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    It is the exact opposite, we were worried when Union Pacific bought us. But they kept everything the same. But when they shoved us under Overnite just before they let overnite go on its own were got worried again and rightfully so. It has gone downhill from there. Now a company that really didn't need a Union (MC) now needs one to protect its employees. We were taken from and shoved under the rug since the Overnite/ UPS Freight blew through town. And when the dust cleared, forced transfers, cut mileage, free delay time and discounted work time plagued us MC employees.

    You do realize that people are different, and you are in but one area of many that we service. You should be smart enough to know that you don't judge the rest on the few you come in contact with. I could tell you about some on your side that were less than desirable or that I've met some reckless people from the companies you mentioned that were much more professional than us, but I know that these I mentioned aren't the norm. No matter where you work you have the lop employees, and parcel side is included.

    Oh really?? Are you traveling the country and witnessing this first hand, or are you hearing this at the drivers table or on a website somewhere. I think you have a bad attitude towards our company and you will only find the negative in our case. I'm glad I have an open mind, life is so much more enjoyable.

    Now here's where I will agree with you. I wouldn't be able to do what you guys do on a daily basis. You get well paid and you earn every cent. Freight is a totally different animal and we are paid accordingly. I'm too old to jump in and out of a truck day in and day out, and us that are wiser realize the difference.

    I totally agree, although I am one that has my uni's drycleaned and have a clean-cut appearance, there are 10 to my 1 that just don't care. But I was trained early in life to always be presentable, some just plain don't care.
  17. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    buck let me clarify, I didnt mean throughout the country, but in my general work area there have been more than one time I have seen unprofessional issues. Yes there are some idiot ups drivers, but as a whole industry ups is the top of the game for customer relations, bla, bla, its true. I have heard about issues with motor cargo getting the shaft on certain aspects of this merger, sorry for this but ups is a very "interesting" company, thats not to say that overnite hasnt had its share of problems over the years. I shouldnt have lumped every driver in the nation together, I just find it interesting that most drivers I see look like they could be a member of zz top, this is no joke man. Why do you think ups has a no beard policy now at overnite for all new employees, I do know about the HUGE stink drivers gave for having to shave their beards...yes I know this idea was shot down, I believe thats true correct me if Im wrong. Its nice when the drivers I do see on the road wave, peace.
  18. Buckethead

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    Man, you are management bound! Overpaid lazy teamster?? The company's willing to "overpay" him, why should it be an issue with you? Maybe you should be yelling at the payroll dept.
  19. Buckethead

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    I understand and agree, and you're right about the facial hair policy. I'm confident that UPS will whip the slackers into shape, we are already seeing it.
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    Numero uno, caring and business are not synonymous. To you Brown guys, leave the business decisions to those who understand. Though the Freight side's appearance is :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: right now, the higher ups wouldn't have bought Overnite or Motor Cargo had it not been worth it. If they'd have bought YRC or ABF, Holland, or one of the other big and more profitable and presentable companies, it would have more tgan doubled the upfront costs to experiment with the freight world, so talking about beards and old ass equipment isn't making either UPS or UPSF any headway. The union us coming in on UPSF, and once the seniors retire, all of us new guys have to be clean shaven as well. The company is getting more new trailers and trucks at the larger hubs, and more OVNT and MTRG trailers, as well as OVNT tractors are sitting and staying on dead lines at the terminals. Progress is slow, but sure. This is what I physically see every night, and I don't feel that UPS Freight is a bad place to work. I make okay money, and I'm still newer. I don't see how so many people can incessantly bitch about their jobs, and still don't quit, and still come here week after week to post the same bitching rants time after time. Someone please write about prosperity, progress, or factual news instead of the stuff that's been on here as of late.