Does UPS care at all about employee morale?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Limper, Jul 29, 2010.

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    My loader said "see ya' tomorrow!" to a PT sup the other day. The sup replied "see you tomorrow - unless I get fired!" and he was being serious! If you just step back a minute and look at what UPS has become, it takes your breath away. To all managers out there - is morale important or did it go out the window along with your raises?
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    Also "no". Morale comes way behind Wall St.
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    ups cares about the morale of its people about as much as socks does about the truth.
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    Do they care about morale? NO!
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    Bottom line----they've never cared and never will. (especially now)
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    Our old center manager ran a craptastic building because he was too much of a people person and let everyone get away with everything. Morale was high at our party palace. Our Division manager was once quoted, "This is the most 'F' up building in the district." They sent a new guy who is way too much of a business man and morale has taken the preverbial sh**. Just the other day our division manager was quoted as saying, "this building is still ass 'F'd up as it ever was."

    Point being that being FAT and happy isn't good. But being lean and miserable is just as bad. You have to find the middle ground.
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    Nice post there. However, when you are packed with pkgs up to your eyes, I don't care how much of a palace you are working in, or middle ground, or having a scrooge for a boss: the morale will be low when it comes time to sign off the DVIR and head out if you're in deep **** for the day.
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    a few years back a drivers house caught on fire on his way to work.(this was before cell phones were so popular).his wife called the center and told them to send him home.they never gave him the message till late in the afternoon when they could finally finish his route!!!so with this and countless other stories .ups could care less about anyone or there moral!!!
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    Absolutely not! The proof is on the walls of every center in the company. Our negatives are highlighted and posted and not the positives. I am addressed by management in terms or 'errors made' as if I am a box score after a ball game. We are route numbers and employee numbers posted on a master board in the on-roads office. A magnet to be conveniently slid over under vacation/sick/jury duty etc. It has all the pleasantries of a kick in the groin.

    Do I want a hug and a cookie at work? Hell no. Since I don't give them out I don't expect them in return. And, to be fair, the guy who handles our dispatch gets dumped on pretty good by just about everyone so his morale sucks as well. (yeah, yeah, he chose to go into mgmt.)

    But as fas as UPS being an enjoyable place to work? As in the actual facility? No. No way. I can't think of one driver. Not even one who has more than 15 years in who would brag or boast about being employed here. My insurance benefits, pension, 6 weeks vacation, are all separate from my reasons for not having any morale. It's all about how we are treated. Can I quit? Of course, but foolish to do so in this economy. But since respect has to earned (I just paused for about a minute) I can't think of more than a handful of people I have worked for that I have any respect for. All have been ships sailing in and out of the center.

    I need a beer....
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    Sorry, having a bad day...
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    They just care about sales leads now.
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    I like the people on my route... as far as management goes I don't waste much time thinking about them.

    I am paid by the hour and if they can stuff it in a truck I can deliver it ....for a price.
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    Yup, strictly business here, I charge by the hour. If it's a poor load and I have to waste time hunting around for stuff, my price per piece goes up :wink2:
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    A very good attitude. Mine price per piece was high today. Punch out 10.75

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    No matter what you do at UPS, it's a pretty simple job... If your full time - your compensated very well, to do a very simple job. If you want a job that makes you feel good, be a greater at WalMart and work for chump change...
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    Sounds like you had to put in a rate hike :happy-very:
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    I've never seen it this bad and I'm sure it will only get worse.I miss the ERI.At least we got treated halfway decent for 2 weeks before the survey.