Does UPS help you in planning?

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  1. Channahon

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    Have you ever given any thought to how your job training at UPS impcts what you do you in your personal life?

    Be it teaching someone to drive a stick shift, or any other driving skills?

    Plan a project to ensure your time is well spent, when you set a goal and execute your plan?

    I know I continue to use knowledge I gained working at UPS to minimize physical work or managing day to day life.

    Recently, my husband and I were moving 5 ton of granite stone to create some retaining walls. Understanding how heavy some of these stones can be, I ensured we only placed them down one time. My husband sometimes thinks I'm obssesive or nuts, but I tell him it was my IE training years ago. Now that takes away some wear and tear off an old retiree's body.

    Just thought I would share, anyone else??
  2. Jones

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    When my wife calls in sick, I always make sure she calls in at least an hour prior to her scheduled start time.:wink2:
  3. browniehound

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    I plan on teaching my daughter the 5 seeing habits when Its time for her to learn to drive. She's only 12 now, but I plan on using everything thing I've learned at UPS about defensive driving to make her a safe driver.

    I try it now with my girlfriend but it just irritates her. She is guilty of not leaving enough following distance on a consistent basis enough to make me nervous about it. When I point it out, she gets mad and tells me to drive.

    My response is always nice and I'm always constructive when I criticize her. I explain to her what following too closely can do(did you see the pictures of the car that ended up beneath one of our trailers recently?) and that we are not going to go any faster than the car in front of us so we might as well just hang back 6-8 seconds when we're on the highway.

    I have since stopped because it only leads to an argument and I now do all the driving:whiteflag:.
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  4. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I recently helped my son and his girlfriend move and they put me in charge of loading the U-Haul and coordinating the packing and unpacking. I will be helping my daughter and her boyfriend move in July and have already been told that I will have the same duties during that move.

    They have both resisted the "back in to a parking spot" thing and pick on me when I do but both are capable of driving a stick shift. Now, if I could only get them to lose the cell phone while they are driving (illegal in NY)!
  5. Fnix

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    Why is every vehicle in the UPS Employee parking lot always backed in? I dont see it anywhere else.
  6. scratch

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    This is a Defensive Driving technique taught to drivers. We are taught to park in a position so that when we come back to the car we just get in and go forward. This helps prevents accidents by not backing into something.
  7. barnyard

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    I help with enduro and hare scramble courses. We meet in the morning, plan everyone's day and plan on a midday meet time. I find that if things start getting drug out, I will move things along and get going (I actually get antsy.)

    I know this sounds stupid, but when I am out and about (including racing the dirtbike) I am always getting the big picture. That means I generally see more birds and other wildlife than others in our group. I cannot count the number of eagle and ospreys that I have pointed out to the group (nests, too.)

    My daughter had a project a few years ago that required her to collect milkweed. We went out gathering milkweed and I was able to spot it, while driving along at 45-50 from 50-60 yards away. She freaked out when I stopped to go pick it, she never saw it.

    Other people have been surprised that you could use house numbers or streets and avenues to figure out where you were or where we were going.

    My wife said that she has noticed that I have a severe lack of patience since I started f/t.

  8. 705red

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    Ups has driven my wife nuts! If we have a family event or reservations somewere i infrom her of what time we will be leaving (to make our commit time). Its amazing i used to be so layed back but now everything has to be done in a certain time frame, its like the i.e department is at home with me, rush rush rush.
  9. satellitedriver

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    I came to UPS with these skills.( a coal mine can teach you a lot about planning and safety)
    The driving safety thing , makes my wife crazy.
    No sympathy on moving 5 tons of rocks.
    Most drivers and loaders do that weight every 2 days.
    Rocks or boxes, the weight is the same.
    Glad to hear the project is still on going.
  10. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    My husband has really bad knees and I have to force myself to slow down when we are walking together. I guess it's that 'walk at a brisk pace' training. I forget that I don't have to walk that fast on the weekends. :surprised:
  11. Joopster

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    You guys are so ate up.
  12. HazMatMan

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    Isn't there still a chance for accident?? Because technically we are still backing, right? Also, I find that when I see most cars parked like this they are parked crooked.
  13. stringerman85

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    Yeah the women get so defensive when you're just trying to help them drive safer :happy-very:, I know how ya feel...She follows too close also
  14. trplnkl

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    However when you back first, you are just arriving at the location, you can see what is around you, the space you are going to be parking in and any pedestrians. If you nose into a parking place when you return to your vehicle you have to get in, start the car, look around for people and oncoming traffic while looking over both shoulders and pray that no one darts behind you on the left as you are looking to the right.
    As far as the parking crooked, half the cars in our centers lot are parked like that on purpose to protect from door dings. I have used the back in method way before I ever thought of working at UPS.
    UPS's safe driving program is sorta like the defensive driving programs on steroids and not that hard to put into practice. I tried to teach my daughters with those methods, I guess I should have made them recite them verbatim.
    OF course I have learned things at UPS that help me in day to day life.
    Yeah, Momma, don't you worry about it none though
    Everything's gonna be all right, Momma
    They're teaching us a lot of new things in here Momma
    Things like.

    There ain't no good in an evil-hearted woman
    And I ain't cut out to be no Jesse James
    And you don't go writing hot cheques down in Mississippi
    And there ain't no good chain gang.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Someone else mentioned the address thing above. I was bringing my daughter to meet her ride back to college and neither of us had ever been to this house before so she had all sorts of directions and was all nervous about finding the house in time. I simply asked her for the address and we were there in no time. She never realized that house numbers run odd on one side of the road, even on the other and increase/decrease by 2 for every 50' of distance. She had never heard of "number breaks" before, either.
  16. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    I took home several driver training videos when i taught my son to drive and i put my yellow vest on and cones around my yard when mowing !!! lol
  17. feeder53

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    I have learned a lot of these methods for years through the military, and my other driving adventures. It is good to review them often because one get careless as time passes. Anytime I can save energy, or miles is a benefit also. UPS does teach us things we can learn to use in our other endeavors. I believe we never stop learning until the day we die.
  18. isn't it an honest days work for an honest days pay? for the family and life outside UPS I guess it would be do some work and have a few cold ones accordingly :wink2: