Does UPS Small Pac Provide Snow Cleats?

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    Uggh... I know, second class citizen here, but I need to get a rule of thumb..

    I work for Freight and was sent (forced) to hop onto a team truck to cover a vacation. I've never driven team truck and was informed all the gear I'd need was on the truck save for food and bedding.

    During one of the chaining up sessions, I grabbed a bag of chains (none hanging) out of storage and turned around to walk the few steps to the rear axle to lay down the bag and step 1 my feet flew out from up under me... long story short... I had my surgery yesterday and this happened Dec. 30, 2015

    During one of my "manager bitch out sessions about how it was all my fault" he asked what could have done to prevent the accident and I told him the company could:

    1. Provide cat litter to have a better footing to walk on
    2. Provide snow cleats
    3. Not require using the power zone to carry things in at all times considering that helped make my center of gravity so high up so no recovery was possible as I was falling backwards

    He said Small Pac drivers were issued snow cleats when he was a manager there and didn't know why freight drivers weren't.

    So for the Small Pac drivers out there..... are you issued snow cleats?
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    No we do the penguin walk
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yes we are issued snow cleats. We are also provided traction aids, chains and sand bags.
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    We were given them twice in my 34 years at my center. Depended on how the safety committee felt.
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