Does UPS want people like me?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by lololmao7, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. lololmao7

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    I've been here as a package handler for a little over 8 months, and I have not had a steady position in all of these months, (except for 3 months on the same pull, loading during peak). Other than that I'm either: unloading, sort aisle, small sort (de-bagging, flipping), moving e-regs, or loading package cars. I like to think I do a decent job in each position.

    When I'm loading cars, I normally get switched between belts (we have three), and on each belt, I normally take a different three car pull almost every time (resulting in mis loads occasionally, because Im not used to the pull load).
    I just want to know (without any sarcasm please) is this a good thing, that I'm being thrown all over the place?
    Thanks a-lot
  2. packageguy

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    First of all, you are a junior man, they will put you where ever they need you. Just relax, do your job, come to work everyday. You will be okay. Goodluck
  3. Jackburton

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    In all seriousness, UPS management will use and abuse people like yourself. You need to understand that this is a union company and being such there are opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to work ethic here. Some people don't deserve the position they are in but hang on due to the protections provided to them from the union, taking advantage of some of those protections. In order to balance out the work load they take people such as yourself and shove them in the harder areas, to make up for that other person. Do I think it's right, no but it does happen.

    Don't get me wrong and think I'm telling you to lay down on the job. We all know of certin people in our workplace who use and abuse the rules for either going faster or going slower. Just do the best job that you can, do it SAFELY, and do it in accordance to the contract and UPS policies and you'll make it to the end of the rainbow(retirement with the compant)
  4. lololmao7

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    Yeah theres like 1 or two other people like me. To be honest, I actually kind of like it. I like the feeling that they come to me so I can do their work for them because its too hard.
  5. Jackburton

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    It's a good feeling, as long as you don't compromise safety or service to get that feeling. We all want to feel that we have done a fair days work for a fair days pay, as I do everyday. Just be careful that you aren't taken advantage of by a scrupulous manager that will ask you to cut corners to do it even faster. You'll feel that bus on your back before you know it and won't be able to get back up.
  6. whiskey

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    Yes, it is a very good sign that you are trusted in multiple positions. Sounds like you have leadership qualities. With just enough humility to make you a good boss.
  7. steward71

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    UPS does not like anyone you are the meet of the day.
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    I am the same way and I wonder this all the time. I would say that it seems that people like us that get moved around are doing that for a reason: because they trust us. That is a big deal for people like us who have not been around for a long time (I have been at UPS for 2 and a half years) but that is a huge compliment that they can trust you to do any job. Keep up the good work and remember it takes time to get where you want. However, in this time get to know people around you and try to build up a good reputation as that will help you when you decide to go for a position you want.
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    It's called paying your dues rookie.
  10. brownmonster

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    No different with new drivers. Some stay on the same training area forever and others get bounced all over. I'm thinking the ones getting moved around are the keepers.