Dog Attack: A courier's worst nightmare

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    Man pleads guilty in dog mauling case - Winston-Salem Journal: Local

    Nothing worse than getting attacked not by one, but 3 dogs, especially when the owner just stands there and doesn't do a thing. Yezz, what's wrong with these people? The same happened to me several years back. I got bitted on my calf by a vicious dog, the owner witnessed the whole thing and didn't move a finger. While I was delivering to his house, the guy left his 75# dog ran out the house, charge and attack me. I ended up suing the a**hole dog owner, and pocketed 7K. Local FedEx management made the decision not to deliver to his address ever again.
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    Along with the fines and community service I think some serious jail time should be given to that loser owner of those dogs. What the hell are people like that thinking?
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    Too many people in the US act as we live in a war-zone and are armed to the teeth. When they mention "we need to diagnose people before it happens" at best these people are paranoid to the extreme or protecting their meth labs.