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    I'll start by saying that I'm a cover driver, but I've been to this house multiple times. Never seen this dog, no visible signs of a dog etc. Yesterday about 2:30pm I was delivering to a residential house in a very upscale subdivision. I had a large box and a small ll bean bag to deliver. I get to the front door, ring the bell, and start scanning. A lady that I'd say is in her 60's opens the door, immediately a large black German shepherd runs past her legs and lunges at my face. Mind you I have a hat on with a bill and am bent over scanning, I didn't see the dog till he was inches from my face. He tore the flesh on my right cheek, blood immediately started going everywhere. He came at me again, I put my arm and DIAD up and he got my forearm, which didn't do much more than bruise since I had my insulated UPS coat on. I pushed him back then he barely nipped my thigh right above the knee. The lady must have gotten him in the house. At this point I had made it back to the truck and the coast was clear. Now bleeding down my uniform and on the floor of the truck, I waited for about 1-2 minutes before I saw the lady emerge from the house with paper towels, so I get out and the dog GETS PAST HER AGAIN!! I'm in the driveway kicking and hitting the dog with the DIAD to avoid another bite. The lady was not even acting like it was a big deal a couple little sorrys and that's all. She was more worried about getting blood off my uniform.... Instead of the deep laceration on my face. Luckily I was only a 1/4 mile from the hospital, so I called UPS and told them briefly what happened and that I was going to E.R. and where the truck was parked and secured at.
    I ended up getting 15-20 stitches on my face, prescribed vicodin, antibiotics, and Motrin. Was also told that a plastic surgeon might be needed to avoid permanent scarring. The Sheriff showed up at the ER and took my report and quarantined the dog. UPS was there and told me I would be covered by workman's comp. After the stitches I went back to the center and filled out the injury report and the center manager took the info for workman's comp. center manager told me to call in the am to tell him how I felt. They needed me on the road, but a Sup. would ride with me all day. I woke up this morning and had to take the vicodin due to throbbing pain when I eat and the headache resulting from the throbbing. I called and said that I didnt feel safe driving on vicodin etc. center manager was understanding and said OK (I know, weird). The discharge papers from the hospital state that the only restrictions are limited to keeping the wound clean.
    That said my questions are:
    1.Should I still go to the company Dr. even though the center manager said it was up to me?
    2.Should I contact the homeowner to talk to her insurance company rather than sue?
    3.Will workman's comp cover today and possibly tomorrow because I cant drive on vicodin?
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    U need a personal injury attorney. Check out Len Tillem
    KGO Newstalk 810 San Francisco
    Call in, I know ur not in California but an injury like that, your not gonna be the same afterward.
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    Go to your own doctor and get an excuse to be off as long as you need. Don't let them guilt you into working. They don't feel guilty when they break routes and bury people. I'm a forgiving guy but this clueless woman needs to be sued.
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    You need to contact the home owners insurance and file for pain and suffering.
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    Sorry that happened to you......but it's a "money bite". Lawyer up!
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    I agree with everyone who said to see a lawyer.
    Don't wait, do it today.
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    Man, sorry to hear about what happened. Remember nothing will come of this if you don't contact a lawyer. You need to do this now. Don't worry about what ups will say. It is the homeowners fault and let the legal system take care of that end. As to going back to work, don't till you feel comfortable and safe. You will be getting paid on workmanscomp so don't worry about the center. Don't let them force you back.
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    Sorry for your injury.

    Like others have said, lawyer up now. Do not sign any papers other than with YOUR lawyer.

    You cannot drive while you are taking Vicodin. As long as you need that to control the pain, you are off duty. As far as getting WC to pay...... I think you have to be off at least 5 days for WC or short term disability to kick in. Contact your union hall and talk to them, they will be able to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

    Actually, your union hall may be the place to get a referral for an attorney. You are not the first UPSer to get bit and the union does refer lawyers....

    Good luck to you. A driver in my center was bit a number of years ago, he was off work for a couple of weeks, had 30-40 stitches in his leg, etc. He got $50,000 from the homeowner whose dog bit him.
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    I hope you recover from your injuries physically and mentally.You'd be surprised what a dog attack can do to you mentally.Seek a lawyer as everyone has said it's in your best interest. Don't talk to any body from the homeowners insurance company period! Don't be surprised if you are contacted by them very soon looking to settle (especially since the police are involved). Remember they are not looking out for your best interest. As far as not returning do to pain meds., try the emergency room Dr. explain your job and that you don't feel safe on the Vicodin and that's what is relieving your pain,he may be able to give you a note for some time off. I'd advise against seeing your own Dr. only because it's w/c. Also a plastic surgeon was mentioned, that too should be covered under w/c. Contact a Lawyer asap most comp Lawyers are also personal injury attorney's so you can kill two birds with one stone.Good Luck in your recovery.
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    Lucky the dog didn't get your eyes.....good luck with everything. So, could a homeowner sue a driver or the company if a dog came up to them in a aggressive matter and the driver hit it so hard with the diad that the dog died or suffered damage???
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    Isn't he dead?
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    See your own doctor and get an off work note and consult an attorney immediately.
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    i'd contact your Local and get them to refer a lawyer who's done similar cases, then let him do the talking
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    I talked to and set up an appointment with the attorney recommended by my union local. She is experienced and specializes in workman's comp and personal injury. Sounds promising! Besides the ER, I did go to the company Dr. and he put me as restricted until Mon. No driving till I don't need pain pills. So I've been doing preload/reload split shifts. Going back on road Mon. or Tues. depending on my face. Only thing thats buggin me besides the pain when I move my mouth is that it is hard as hell to work and keep this bandage on my face. I've taken plenty of pictures, I got a couple statements on the way for the attorney that state the dog has shown aggression towards them as well. I dont think I'll need it or that it will come close to going on trial, but better to have it and not need it.