Dog Bites?

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    Going through a lawyer for my last dog bite, nothing serious thank God, but still left with a scar on my face a year & 1/2 later & was just curious how much CHA-CHING has anyone gotten? And what horror stories you drivers might have.
    And no, I didn't bend over to pat the dog, (after being bit in the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, I totally avoid dogs, won't get out of the truck if one was loose) I went up to the front door & before I even had a chance to do anything, the home owner opened the door & BAM, right up over the Omaha steak cooler, in my face across my nose & 2 teeth marks in my chin.... NICE! NOT!!!!!
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    I only drove package for two months total, and in that short span I was attacked. A lady was waiting at the end of her drive way for her package and she had her weeny dog on a leash, she walks right up to the door and I didn't see the dog he was by the right front tire and as soon as I stepped down he got a hold of my leg. It got my boot so it wasn't that bad, but it did scare the living you know what out of me lol.
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    $3-5K is the average; however, I would think that facial scarring would net you a lot more than that.
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    The national average to insurance companies for dog bite injuries is $24,000.00.
    Depends if you live in a strict liability state. In some states the first bite does not count if the dog has never been known to bite.
    I hope you negotiated with your lawyer on his percentage cut.
    A good rule of thumb is the lawyer gets 10% of the "soft" money-(the first offer from the insurance company)- and anywhere from 30 to 50% of the "hard" money -( the final settlement)-.
    Facial scars can be expensive to insurance companies.
    Good news you were not seriously injured.
  5. brown bomber

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    did you file a police report ???............if so it should help w/ your claim.........any case of negligence, in any form, should have a police report associated w/ the claim
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    Where did you come up with that number?
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    i'm lucky so far that the dog bites i gotten didn't break skin... yet

    sometimes, i'll put the package in front of me as a shield

    a few years ago, i'd also have some dog biscuits in my front pocket, just in case I didn't see a dog warning sign... & will use that as a distraction while i drop the parcel and run back to my van; then honk to let the customers know that i "delivered" their package :P

    it's those little dogs that are more feisty than the bigger ones for some reason <shrugs>
  8. rod

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    My brother-in laws insurance company paid out 10 big ones for a nip on the face of a little girl by their stupid poodle (no permanent damage). I had warned him before that his dog would eventually bite someone but he just laughed at me. ANY dog will bite under the right (or wrong circumstances). I'm sure if you live in "the big city" the payouts would be larger. If you own a dog - keep your homeowners insurance policy paid up.
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  9. 1LadyInBrown

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    I sure did!
  10. 1LadyInBrown

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    I sure did, right after punching out. (Of course I had to finish my route, I didn't need stitches & I already had a tetanus shot from the previous bite so I didn't go to the doctor, kind of regretting that, but it was X-Mas eve day) Seeing a plastic surgeon next month.
  11. bellesmom

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    Little dogs seem to think they have more to prove :wink2:
  12. uber

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    Haha, where do you think. He always full of crap.
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    Just the other day I had a run in with pit mix. I had sig req pkg. Door was open screen door closed. Rang bell and dog went ape sh:t and came flying at the door. I learned a trick to put my foot at base of door and hold onto the door handle. So he hit the door and boom the door breaks off the hinges. I was holding there screen door up now. Dog went to window for a better view and I sprinted to the truck.
  14. UnsurePost

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    Sorry to hear, especially where the dog bit you.

    I was bit last year pretty good on the leg...still no settlement on two different suits but they're in the process. I have heard $1-2k per scar, not sure though. I would think scars on the face would go for more!
  15. Indecisi0n

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    I had a customer bite me...
  16. 1LadyInBrown

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    So far thats the 1st offer :biting: but next week is the plastic surgeon to see what can be done about the scar :wink2:
  17. toonertoo

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    Just my luck got bit off work time trying to help an old man get his mix dalmation rot. Tore :censored2: in my arm, he was going for my face. Guy had no insurance, and I missed two weeks work unpaid. he got off easy after telling me the dog would not bite me if I helped him. After going by the house later in the eve, there were beware of dog signs all over it, and found out the USPS would not deliver that block. Cops did nothing, lawyer couldnt get me anything. He skated scott free. I ended up getting my lost wages about three yrs later from Ohio victims of crime fund. The only people held responsible are the responsible people.
    I know all the tricks to keep from getting bit at work, I just didnt use common sense when I was trying to help some old guy.
    And I will not get bit on route, no one has insurance on the places I deliver to, I just dont deliver.
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    Who's full of crap now, ziggy?
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    Wow! After all my scares & peoples stories, I just thank God it wasn't a lot worse! And the only trick I use is never EVER get out of the truck when there's a dog loose! But the bites usually happen when you least expect them!
    I love when people say, don't let the dog know your afraid, they can smell fear! Well YA, too late! He smells the %$#@ in my pants!!!!!!!! :anxious:
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    After almost 2 years finally settled on 6K :greedy: