Dog house is up


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We have a brand new dog house just put up on the back of our hub. Heaters work awesome! Any other hubs have their peak season doghouse up yet?
We have a second, much older dog house used for peak that all the temps are in. It's on the Northern side of the hub and the heaters don't work. It's awesome on single digit temperature days.


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Ours have been up since labor day. And they have been using them every day. Don't know where the peak volume is going to go


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Ahh, you brownies r lucky...

Our eggplant peak season drivers/ supplemental drivers are pre loading their cargo outside of the bay doors!

I rather roll in later to park inside the building instead

We still need more drivers though or it's going to be a :censored2: storm


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Our doghouse has its own doghouse. Our one belt operation was getting too small so the doghouse became permanent 2 years ago. Last year we got this 5th wheel looking doghouse thing that seems to be permanent as well


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We use ours year round as well. PCM a couple of weeks ago, boss said that we are renting a building in a nearby industrial park and are dispatching 10 routes out of that building.


Our BA sent out a mass email telling us that the company plans to use the employee parking lot to stage trailers, starting in October. They leased a parking lot 2 miles away, they’ll be shuttling us to the building on a bus.


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They haven't put ours up yet, sure it's coming by the end of the month. I just hope I don't get a truck out there. They have the newest of the new people loading out there. Xmas is always crazy, just hoping for my regular loader so I have a chance.


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They started using our first one last week, by peak we'll have 4 up and running plus a shanty town in the parking lot that can handle an additional 60 package cars.

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I’d bet those eggplant peak drivers actually have full trucks, too. None of that empty at 10am stuff! Rough! Lol

FedEx brings out all the heavy Freight trucks for Peak!