Dog shot by cop.... right or wrong

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    You bet your ass I would of shot that dog. Have a soft spot for dogs all u want but protect yourself.
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    Those same people who were sceaming, "why are you shooting him?" would be screaming,"Shoot him" if the dog was coming to them threateningly.

    The cop did the right thing to PROTECT the public (his job)
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    can't watch. I know I'm goofy, but it will make me cry.
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    This is several months old but of similar results.
  6. Some countries they eat them, pretty good meat my buddy said, but I wouldn't try it.
    It's an animal that tried to attack a human being, cop did the right thing. I guess some animal lovers will sue the cop for trying to defend himself and the department will pay for it. Welcome to the USA. :D Stupid lady is like "why did you shoot it"... why you didn't let it bite you?!
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    Cop did the right thing.
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    "Sheba" was my brindle pitbull that I got as a puppy. I had her for over 15 years. She was my baby, the best dog I ever had. She used to cuddle on the couch with my cat and my toy poodle, and the children in my neighborhood loved to play with her. She was a 90 lb. face-licking lap dog. A part of me died the day I had to have her put down due to old age and arthritis, and a decade later I still miss her and get weepy when I think about her. Today I have several pit bulls on my route, and I love every one of them.

    That being said....if a pit bull that I did not know charged at me or a loved one in an aggressive manner such as was seen in the video, I would blow it away without hesitation. I might be willing to allow a smaller dog or a mutt to bite me in order to avoid having to shoot it, but if we are talking pit bull or rottwieller or doberman then risk of serious injury or even death is simply too great.

    The real tragedy here was the irresponsible owner of the dog who chose to drink in public to the point of gross intoxication and having seizures. By passing out drunk on the sidewalk, he put his dog in a situation where it felt it needed to protect him, which in turn put the police officer in a situation where he had no realistic alternative but to shoot the dog for his own safety.

    My only concern with the officers actions was the fact that the muzzle of his gun appeared to be pointed at the man on the sidewalk, and a missed shot (or a round that passed thru the dog) could easily have riccocheted off of the street or curb and struck a bystander. Fortunately, there were no injuries other than those suffered by the dog.
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    You are not goofy, you have a tender heart.
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    If you google dog news the story is the owner had a seizure. The dog was protecting its owner. As for the dog being a seizure alert dog I have not read that yet. If the dog was seizure alert dog that is messed up for cop to shoot the dog.
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    Would you want to try to check the tag of a charging pit bull?
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    Nobody cares what the dog's job was........he was out of control and a danger to others. The cops would shoot you too if you were out of control and a danger to others.
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    The fact that the dog felt that it was protecting its owner does not change the fact that it posed a legitimate threat to the bystanders as well as the cop who shot it.

    Properly trained service dogs don't attack people...particularly when those people are the emergency responders that are trying to help its owner during a seizure.
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    They guy in the video DID NOT have a seizure. He was DRUNK and passed out. He was subsequently arrested on a warrant and charged with an open container violation for drinking in public.


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    Leash Law ????
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    I fear for Brodie, if- God forbid- I was incapacitated and someone tried to get near me. He is very protective of me. He has found a home and a mom, since being rescued. Great Danes are notoriously protective, and he is a shining example. I try to dissuade him, but I am not as forthright as I should be, I suppose. I do realize it is my fault, not his.

    The boys would be fine. They have been with me since puppyhood and are very social.
  19. Recommend some Cesar Milan the "dog-whisperer", he is pretty good lot of it (free)online vids. To sum it up if your dog isn't behaving well, it's all your/family member's fault...
    I got bit few times already and I was never mad at the dog, I was mad at their owners because lot of people don't get it that it's an animal not a baby with a human emotions.
    Of course some group wanted to sue him too for being "aggressive" in the series(only in Amerika), but when they checked him out in real action, "they changed their state of mind" as Cesar says it.

    And if you think he is a joke, how to train a pit-bull that like to bite people:
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    I know who my money would be on if this cop was in a quick draw contest-----nice shot