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  1. It's that time of year again.

    Does everybody else's management team try to pressure you in to donating?

    My on car sup brought me the form and asked if I was going to donate. When I told him no, he put the form to the back of his pile so he could give it to the center manager to talk to me later about donating. No means no, right? I shouldn't have to explain why i'm not donating, or feel pressured to.
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    I used to staple a dollar to the form for a one time donation so the center manager would get credit for 100% participation but after some snide remarks about my Donation I dont give anything. If they try to pressure me I just walk off.
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    If you want to donate, donate. If you don't want to donate, don't. It's none of your ds or center manager's business what you do with the money you sweated for.
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    I hope they learned their lesson.

    Poor little Nancy can't read the chalkboard in class.
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    Yes, and it is not limited to UPS. At every corporation everyone's management puts pressure on employees to donate, it's sad to see charitable donations degradate into a public relations cluster*. Then some suit wearing a tie (*********) delivers a poster sized check at a United Way presentation saying their corporation had 100% employee participation.

    No means no. But if you are able to donate United Way does give you the option of choosing where you want your money to go. I donate because I choose to, consider myself fortunate, direct my donations to a local charity, and it's payroll deducted so easier to track come tax time.
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    poor little nancy should go into management she'll fit in fine, they can't read a contract.
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    we have the option of specifying the donation go to our local's scholarship fund.
  8. 728ups

    728ups offending people on the internet since 1995

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    I don't donate and won't. It's my money ill do what I want with it. They can pressure all they want. I know how to say no in 15 different languages. Lol
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    Yes, they want you to donate but.................what they really want you to do is participate. So, if you don`t want to donate, then they want you to put 0 in the dollar amount and sign the form. This way they can claim 100% participation. I do neither.
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    United Way CEO makes 375,000 dollars a year... I think I'll pick my own charity thank you very much.
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    I once put my own name down as a charity. center manager didnt think it was funny. I kinda did. I could use some extra cash.Its tough out there. :)
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    I like talking to my center manager is going to change my mind

    I forget what it is called when you pressure someone at the work place to do something they don't want to do
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    Itz called superslimshadyness lol. Every day is a superslimshady day with these lyinazz fools lol.
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    I use to donate until the head guy at united way was busted using untied way money for private planes for hookers.. Ever since then, I give all my donations to the Humane society, or a similar organization. United way ? NO WAY !!!!
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    It's called jaking.
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    Yeah, I'm with you.
    ​I'm going to find a charity whose CEO is homeless.
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    ​Learned them from your wife?
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