Dont come to my state if your a drinker

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    DUIs in my state will now be met w/ termination by UPS. We have lost 2 and will lose one more if this person doesnt get it reduced in court. It is due to the new state law not because of anything else. What I dont understand is if you drive for a living and get one DUI wouldnt that be a warning to never do it again so you dont get a second as one them did? Anyway no sympathy from me. :peaceful:
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    Can you provide more details about the law and how it changes the Contract?

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    The law requires that you must have a blower in your car for 2 years instead of 1. The contract only allows 1 year of temporary alternative work. The law just changed.
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    I have no sympathy for DUIs either. If you drink and drive, deal with the consequences, tough. I am not a drinker, very rarely might have one. If I do choose to drink, even just one, there is no way I would drive.

    I guess if you want to keep your job, dont take the chance.
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    Fedex recently moved to the same standard. Can't say I can see much down side to it either. Simply put, even on one's own time driving under the influence simply shows an incredible lack of judgement or maturity.
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    Just place this sign near the package car at each stop, and he can keep driving :

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    YOU,of all people,should stay out of this discussion,Genius.
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    if your living depends on driving and you get a dui i really don't have any sympathy.
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    I think hell just froze over did you just give Jimstud a +1?
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    Love reigns eternal, even on BC!
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    Yea I think he is going to turn the page.
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    i like bob seger
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    edit - I censured myself
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    I agreed with his statement only. I also have no sympathy for a drunk driver.
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    You should not drive drunk,but lets be real here one,two or three beers is not drunk unless your a 100 lb 16 year old thats never had a drink in his life.Some of you guys post in this thread are hard to believe ,saying you have never drove after having a drink not even one beer,give me a break.Here is what i want to know what does my dwi which just fyi i have none have to do with my job unless i got it on company time.What someone does in there own time is there buisness not their jobs.So lets recap lets say you stop off at a sports bar on your way home to watch the tale end of the lakers game while there you run into some friends and buy you a beer you say im just a few miles from home no big deal one wont hurt,then on your way home you get pulled over for going 5 miles over the speed limit the cop saw you leaving the sports bar and smeels the beer you just got a dwi and now you lose your job how can anyone in their right mind believe this is fair.

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    I can say I havent done your example and I do agree that it doesnt seem like a big deal to have one beer but its the law bro. Having a driving job makes you responsible for what you do while your driving at all times. Your personal record affects the companys insurance premiums. Also you dont have to be drunk to have your motor skills impared.

    I know this is an extreme example but a you wouldnt want a policeman to moonlight as a professional car thief would you?

    One of the people that lost thier job was a partier and had 2 dwis.
  18. 22.34life

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    Ill admit not all dwi's fit into my example but alot do,the real point to my post is this ,how much do we let our jobs and our personal lives intertwine or control the other.Did you know that afew years ago there was a company i believe it was in utah that told all their people they had to stop smoking or b fired ,under the guise of insurance premium cost.many lost their jobs because they didnt think it was any of their companys buisness ,and it isnt.But it was all nice and legal the company got away with it,now what if ups tried the same thing i wonder how people would feel about that.At what point do you draw the line when your boss can tell you how many calories you can eat in a day ,maybe when they tell you you will lose your job for a no seatbelt ticket.THE COMPANYS we work for are controlling more and more of our lives,i just dont want to see a day when every decision i make is dependent on my job.
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    How many family members have you lost because of a drunk driver ? When your answer is 3 (like me), your perspective on drunk driving will change a little. BTW, the guy who killed them did "stop for a couple" on his way home from work. And guess what, it did not make the 14 yr. old's funeral any cheerier.
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    Sorry for your loss but to answer ur question not lost people as in death but have lost people to alcohol and drug abuse. I had family members overdose and die do prison time u name it.