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    Good evening fellow upsers. I bought a car part on ebay. I had it shipped UPS ground to my mom's apt because both my wife and I work and no one would be home to accept the package. As I'm driving to my mom's apt to pick up my son ( she babysits my son and my niece) I get a call from my brother telling me he found an empty box with my name in between the two door at the entrance of the building. I get to my mom's and get the tracking number off the empty box and was shocked to find the driver signed my name (my first name not my last for some reason). Now I don't know what to do. I dont want to loose the $150 I paid for the part but I also dont want to get this guy in serious trouble for signing for my package. I'm thinking of trying to find out who has that route and talking to him before I do anything but hes not going to pay me $150 for the stolen part. What would u guys do?
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    When will they learn that cutting corners will get them fired.
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    Not much you can do but put in a claim for the missing part. If this gets the driver in trouble he did it to himself.
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    I think you are a troll.
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  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    What makes you think he is a troll? Which part of his story aren't you buying?

    I believe his story and think he should call the toll-free number first thing tomorrow morning.

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    Why do u care if he gets in trouble when it's his fault your package got stolen ?

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    Thanks Dave. Why would I make something up like this about another driver?
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    How did you know my first name?

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    Your reputation (and your name) precede you.
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    First off all he states he had a package shipped ground. Who cares whether is was ground or Air. He doesn't state that the package had to be signed for and in most cases people don't know that a signature is required upon deliver until the shipper shipped the package. From what he says his mom lives in a secure building that you probably can get buzzed in and she was how all day.

    The real kicker is that he has a big dilemma HE more worried about getting the driver in trouble than not getting his "$150 " part.
  12. Its on every other post!
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    I don't post usually but read most of the posts when I get home. Everyone calls u Dave and before the "resident know it all" under your screenname you had something with Dave on there.
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    Would you be so willing to throw a co-worker under the bus?

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    "Dave? Dave's not here."

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  16. He forgot to put....Super...In front of Dave!
  17. cosmo1

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    And I doubt he ever listened to Cheech and Chong.
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    It didn't require a signature. That's why I was shocked he signed. And maybe I'm not like you but I rather loose the $150 than get someone in my building possibly fired. The problem I have is he didn't leave outside my moms door or even inside the building lobby. He left it in between the two doors at the building entrance and signed fir it himself.
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    Dave, did you know that I am forced to have you on "ignore"?

    But to answer your question, I think the OP at the very least is making a lot of assumptions.

    More than likely I think this a fictional story for their amusement.

    Seems to be right in your wheelhouse.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    What was the service level code?

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