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oh man you gotta love these guys. had a guy come to my door today, says he's doing some project for his school (I love how all these schools hold competitions to raise money for prizes...) blah blah blah he wants me to buy a magazine. don't worry though, I get to choose which one!

anyway, I tell him "no, I'm poor." he says "well you could do like some of your neighbors did and kick me a small donation, cash." I tell him again "no, I'm poor. I don't carry cash money either." he says "okay, check." when he said this I got mad, cus he wasn't getting the point and just said flat out no. I told him "dude, I don't mean to kill your mood, your sales tactic is good, but you're not getting a sale out of me, I can't afford it." he goes on to say "trust me, nothing you can say will kill my mood. I've been doing this for two years, it's my living." At this point I start laughing.

He counters my laugh with "you're poor...what do you do?" and I say I work for UPS. he responds with "UPS! friend* you! You make what...$14, $16/hr?" I say "haha no, try $12.50/hr but living in a two bedroom apartment by yourself because your roommate bailed makes living hard." he starts walking out still buddy*ing and moaning "yeah yeah, big screen tv poor! or new car poor! (not sure where that came from...) or wait...laptop computer poor!" basically saying everything he could see from my doorstep. all the while I'm laughing him off.

long post, but good laughs for me


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These guys with the magazines are slick. I had one say his grandma lived the next block over in our gated over 55 community where no soliciting is allowed. What a liar! He really hemmed & hawed when I asked for her name and told him I know most all of our 298 residents (I lied).

They aren't doing charity work and they are highly trained in B.S. and that doesn't stand for British Schools.

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I don't know how many people have tried to sell me vinyl siding over the last 23 years that I have owned my house. It doesn't faze them when I point out that my house is brick veneered.