DOT Hours of service change.


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Anyone using the new HOURS of service? Meal before 8 hours of DRIVING instead of 8 hours on duty time?

HOS Final Rule
On June 1, 2020, FMCSA revised four provisions of the hours of service regulations to provide greater flexibility for drivers without adversely affecting safety. Motor carriers are required to comply with the new HOS regulations starting on September 29, 2020.

What has changed?
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Short-haul Exception
Expands the short-haul exception to 150 air-miles and allows a 14-hour work shift to take place as part of the exception.
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Adverse Driving Conditions Exception
Expands the driving window during adverse driving conditions by up to an additional 2 hours.
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30-Minute Break Requirement
Requires break of at least 30 consecutive minutes after 8 cumulative hours of driving time (instead of on-duty time) and allows an on-duty/not driving period to qualify as the required break.
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Sleeper Berth Provision
Modifies the sleeper berth exception to allow a driver to meet the 10-hour minimum off-duty requirement by spending at least 7 hours of that period in the berth combined with a minimum off-duty period of at least 2 hours spent inside or outside the berth, provided the two periods total at least 10 hours. When used together as specified, neither qualify period counts against the 14-hour driving window.

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Have they changed our IVIS's? Lately I've been taking meal early so I don't know if the warnings still pop up.


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So when they say adverse driving conditions are they meaning weather? So if its snowing out they can tack on 2 more hours of driving on top of 14 hours?


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Since package drivers don't keep a log this essentially means that there is no DOT requirement for them to take a 30 minute break at all.