DOT Physical - Avoid Concentra

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    Avoid for DOT Physicals. I went to the one in Plymouth Meeting, PA, but the are a multi-state chain, and I doubt other locations are better, or that at least it is hit or miss. Made me get a note from my doctor about a medication that no other DOT Physician has ever requested. Their PA insisted that I should be getting blood work on a regular basis to make sure I was on the right dose, apparently thinks they know better than both the specialist and my family doctor. From the drug company that makes the medication "There is no known range of plasma levels, dosage should be determined by patient response to the medication." Then they only renewed for one year instead of two because I wasn't getting blood levels done. My MD looked it up to be sure, and said the PA was incorrect. This required me making three trips to Concerta and one to my MD - incurring additional cost and hassle. Unprofessional and incompetent medical care on their part.
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    We use them in Wisconsin. Its a dump. Depends who you get. You could be in and out. Or they could give you the 5th degree