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    My DOT card expires soon and I was wondering if anyone as gone to there own doctor for the DOT physical instead of the health clinic the company has. My sup has told me to go to a clinic that’s a 45 minute ride from my house and wants me to go on a Saturday . I went to the same clinic two years ago for my test and the place was disgusting , no one speaks English and I will probably leave there with H1N1.
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    First of all I would tell him to get bent. I would never waste a Saturday taking a UPS physical.
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    Tell him to schedule it for a weekday morning prior to your start time, and to lower your stop count since you will probably be late for work. You are not obligated to take your DOT physical on a non-work day. In my area, you do not get paid for the time you spend taking the exam, but if you are late to work due to the exam you do get paid from your normal start time and it does not count as an occurence for disciplinary purposes.
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    I use the same logic when I get my hair cut during work hours ... required for the job.
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    One morning my center manager confronted me and told me my DOT physical was expired and that I needed to get over to urgent care and it done that morning. He told me to hustle, as he would have my full route waiting for me as soon as I got back. Hustle? On my time? Guess who had to brown up and run a route that day :happy-very:
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    One day my manager told me I had to iron/change my shirt and get a haircut and on my own time and to hurry back because he needed a presentation put together.
    Guess who had to nimble up their fingers, get on a PC and put that presentation together? :wink2:
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    I bathe and do my laundry on the clock as well - required for the job!
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    I'm guessing it wasn't your manager....:wink2:
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    Article 20, section 1 of the National MAster:

    Physical, mental or other examinations required by a government body or the Employer shal be promptly complied with by all employees; provided however, the Employer shall not pay for any time spent in the case of applicants for jobs, but shal be responsible to other employees only for time spent at the place of examination or examinationswhere the time spent by the employee exceeds two(2) hours, and in that case only for those hours in excess of said two(2)Examinations are to be taken at the employees home area and are not to exceed one in any year, unless the employee has suffered serious injury or illness within the year. Employees will not be required to take examinations during their working hours, unless paid by the Employer for all time spent. Employees shall be given reasonable notice of dates of examinations.
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    I know when my card expires and I get a DOT physical on the closest vacation that I have before that date. I'm not into creating unneeded drama. If that doesn't work I go in at 7AM. Fortunately we use the same facility as my personal doctor.

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    For some, if a DOT exam can be passed easily they will tolerate their surroundings.
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    I got paid for every phisical I ever had at UPS. They were always scheduled at 8:00 (the 1st available timeslot) at our one and only clinic in town. It was 3 blocks from the UPS center. I always liked it when UPS would tell you to be at the clinic at 8:00 and the doctor they scheduled you with had to make his rounds at the hospital first before coming to the clinic. I remember a couple of times sitting in the waiting room about 9;00 and the center manager would come storming in wanting to know what is taking so long. I even kidded one center manager that he should have his blood pressure checked as long as he was there. :wink2:
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    There's that different UPS again. After my center manager told me I needed to "hustle on over to get my physical" and "hustle on back to the center", I asked him if I was getting paid for all this hustling around and he made this kind of dismissive, snorting noise which I took to mean "no".
    After my nap I went down to the park and fed the pigeons for a while.
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    Yes, you can go to your own doctor.
    Might as well get a complete physical while your there.
    Bend over.:anxious::surprised::knockedout:
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    awesome Domo picture jones
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    Well I call my doctor office today and ask if i can get a DOT physical there and they said yes so I made a appt for Tuesday the day my card expires. This is great news now I don’t have drive 45 min on a Saturday, they said the physical will only take 15 min and I will get the day off plus 2 hours pay. My sup came to me today to remind me to go and get my physical this Saturday, on Monday I will just tell him something came up and I couldn't go . My doctor office ask me who was paying for the physical, I said UPS, I guess I will just give the bill to my sup. :happy2:

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    Well my plan to go to my own physician for the DOT physical did not work. I was told by my sup that I had to go to approve UPS physician, which I think he is full of it and just didn't want the hassle. When i arrived at the clinic I ask them if they had to be approve by UPS and I was told no. It was UPS that beg them to do physical for drivers anyhow at least I still got the day off and a nice day at that.