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    Recently I asked my FT Soup about signing up to double shift. He explained to me that there was a website link that i can access to sign up, and that he would obtain it for me. Needless to say hes been lagging on the whole matter so i decided to contact HR to see if they could help. They told me that they don't handle matters regarding double shifting and that i need to contact the labor department. Was just wondering if anyone has heard of this method(web link) being used to sign up for additional work, and if so where i can find it.

    Thank you.
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    your f/t SUP is bullsh**ing you.if you want to work a double shift he has nothing to do with,talk to the f/t sup on the shift that you want to double on.if you just want to work and are not picky about what you do you may have to talk to the outbound sup and the inbound sup untill you find a spot to fill.if all that fails talk to the manager on the sort you want to much senority do you have?i ask because if you dont have much like less than a year it might be hard to double shift.also look around on the shift you want to work and see if their is anybody with less time than you working,managment will play favorites with people and will only want to work the people they want to work.if you see this dont let them brush you off tell them that you have seen junior employees working and you have the right to work in their place if they stonewall you talk to your steward.if you really need to work dont let managment punk you,keep on until they let you work.