Double Standards at 43rd st

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    this place is very racist and unfair. Big time "Double Standard" here. Pre process pre process-no overtime no overtime- yet the Bosses "pets" dont pre process at all or make postcards. Only do holds which we were told NOT to do. Tell you 8 and out. You do a few clicks they are on your ass. But their boys and gal are except. They can do overtime and dont have to pre process. No regard for SENIORTY and no respect:biting:
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    And this is why you just say no to drugs.

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    Sorry Pal, this post makes no sense at all...wanna try adding a little detailed explanation?
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    NOT a clue what this post is about. Please when posting read what you have written.

    I would like to know what pre process means however.
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    It does sound important--he used it twice in the same sentence.
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    I think it all comes down to that he is not getting any OT. Another one of the many people that count on OT to pay the bills not as a little bouns once in a while.
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    He should come to my building, lots of OT plus with the over 9.5 list we have drivers getting an extra 150 200 bucks per week by filing grievance's. The number in my building last month in 9.5 payouts was north of 5,000 dollars, UPS could find another driver for about 3 weeks with that money, but I guess they would rather just pay us triple time.
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    Sounds like he/she is talking about some kind of a clerks position. We have the no OT problem here also with certain combo (basically the inside/inside) positions. If you are a part-timer, delivery driver, air combo or a feeder driver...overtime is OK. Inside/inside combo, no way as the OP said even a few clicks will get you a talkin' to at least.
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    Better no ot than no job, or being laid off. It is happening all over the country.
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    I can see this is a clear case of racism. How else can you explain that someone didn't get what they want?
  12. I, too, think it's a clerk position. When I brought in a package after delivering all day and told the night clerk about the company who had moved out of the area, she said she would send out a postcard to them, so that they could put in a change of address with us.

    I have no idea what the term "pre-process" means, however.
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    He's a 804 clerk, around here all the clerks are full timers, not 22.3.

    Now in regard to what he's talking about, I have no clue.
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    Pre-process is indeed a clerks term. It allows PM clerks at the center to begin resolution of exceptions before drivers return to building and physically hand said package to clerk. As soon as exception is entered into DIAD this information can be retrieved, and the pre-process begins. By the time driver returns and clerk receives package, no more than a few keystrokes should be required to keep the package "moving". It does make the job more efficient, thus less time consuming. This is where the company is heading. We all know this. Get on board or....