Downsizing the Staff Admins?

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I know the majority of the people who post/read these messages are union folks, but has anyone heard any rumors of office downsizings for admins? I don't mean the operations admins - I mean the human resources, accounting, business development, etc. admins.

I only ask for two reasons: first, UPS has a history of outsourcing their staff functions to one or two places. Not that this is necessarily bad, but since your local payroll group was disolved, how many messed up paychecks have you gotten? UPS says it saves them money to run one payroll group for the country instead of one for each district, but I know how much we pay out each year in grievances for screwed up checks not fixed timely. Second, I saw something the other day that makes me think another cut is happening. My manager printed out something and forgot about it, and it fell into the wrong hands. It was a list of all of the admins in the district, what they did, how much time they spent on each task, and then someone higher up (region or DM) showed where tasks and positions could be cut. Not that it is written in stone, but UPS wouldn't ask management to study their admin positions unless something was brewing about another cut.

Has anyone heard anything???? I've been with the company for 23 years and would hate to hit the streets for a new job at this point.


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Being an admin for 23 years, you have seen many jobs being outsourced and knowing UPS, it is always looking for cost reductions.

Studies are always being done at UPS due to either new technology that would streamline processes currently being done manually. Based on what you manager printed, it sounds to me like this may be the situation. So jobs, may still be available, just not as many positions. Or the jobs may simply be outsourced.

With your years of service, you should be offered a job currently done by a temp, as UPS has had a hiring freeze on admins, like forever.

Now the job may not and probably will not be one you would have opted into in the past, but hopefully, you can make it to your retirement, if that is your goal.

Good luck


My District Is Already In The Process Of Downsizing. We Were Notified In Early February And Were Told By Hr That The Job Selection Process Would Be Complete By March It Is Going On The Middle Of March And We Are Still In Limbo. Right Now A Seperation Package Is Being Offered To Certain Folks. Not Sure How Many friend/t Admin Jobs Will Be Left To Pick From...we Were Told This Is The Result Of The Consolidation Of The Districts.
If you have a hunch that something is up, then you are probably right. With 23 years you should be able to bump someone if your job is in jeopardy. As already mentioned, UPS is always looking for ways to be more efficient. While they don't out-right layoff people (to avoid the bad publicity), they do find other ways to downsize departments. You can probably move to another department and bump a less senior person, or you can take a buyout package. Even the least senior person still has some options such as working in the hub.

In my years at UPS I saw the following district level departments downsized:


The G.O. in the district I worked in went from about 200 employees to less than 100 in a matter of 3 or 4 years.