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    Ok, first off I can't complain.. I was hired off the street to preload/combo ... I thought I was hired perm. for that position. ... well 2 - 3 days after my first day I was told I was just covering someone in that combo job cause they were out on wokers comp. Well I was working 25 hours a week... barely making it.. Lost my full time job a few wks before xmas so UPS is my only income.. Today I was told that the person is back and took their postion back from me.. Now I only preload and losing about 5 - 7.5 hours perweek ... Also I will be losing my benefits from LVL 1 down to LVL 2 in May or June.... A heads up would have been nice UPS!!
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    UPS doesn't give heads ups. We are just low paid peons that can be used up and thrown away.:whiteflag:
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    if your a union member wright a grivance. it might help your not defeated yet do not give up you will be suprised what a blue papper can do DO IT NOW GOOD LUCK:smart:
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    Also in your thread you answered your own question? you have over 31 days you were hired as PERMANENT permanent permanent :smart:
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    Even if she has senority?? She entitled to job security ?? I dont want to throw anyone under the bus.. but I need to make my money too..

    On hire I did strickly my clerk job ( 5am - 945 )

    Supe said only 1 person is needed from 5am - 6am, so seniority got that. So I unloaded 430 am - 7am then clerk duties 7am-915am .

    Now the person that was on workers comp. for 7 months is back, took my clerk job, so now I preload 430am-8 ...

    Now both of the clerks have same start time and BS the whole shift.. Shouldnt the lower senority person now have to do what I did, or start at 6 am to start their job??

  6. Umm if you didn't know UPS is a Union shop
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    Most AM shifts run from anywhere from 3:30am to 9:30 am (usually 4-9). The people with the most seniority gets the hours, either coming in early or leaving late ( but totaling around 5 hours).
    There's no reason to think you should have a hand in the cookie jar when you don't have the same amount of time in.
    Besides, you should not put yourself in a predicament financially or insurance wise relying on a newly hired part time job at UPS. You're to blame for that if anyone!
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    our part timers struggle to get their three and a half
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    Yeah, :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: happens... There already trying to send me home 3 hours into the shift.... were really slow right now...
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    Is anyone else finding these posts hard to follow with the lack of grammar and punctuation?