Drew Brees, the SB winning QB has only one flaw.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by ups1990, May 14, 2010.

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    Drew Brees the Saints QB that everyone said was too small, too weak, can't make the deep throw, too white.....has only one flaw and that is obviously. What do I mean? Every time he gets interviewed, Drew uses the word obviously about 10 times. Obviously is the word he uses while in transition between thoughts. Some folks use the words, uh, anyway and Latinos use "I know ha". Sometimes I use "by the way" when caught between thoughts. I've heard a lady use "what you ma call it" over and over again as well as "so what else is new?". She said this to me early in our conversation, told her I haven't even said anything for you to say what else is new.
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    We have a local weatherman who does that with the word "basically". One night I counted 7 "basically's" in a 5 minute forecast.